MAP Coaching Institute Discusses the Treatments Used by Counselors for Childhood Trauma Therapy and How the MAP Method Can Enhance Treatment

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The owners of MAP Coaching Institute are excited to let more people know about the services that they are offering and their therapeutic achievements that have helped many people be free from what has been blocking them from attaining success. Childhood trauma is one of the issues that can be treated with the help of their proprietary MAP Method™. Typical treatment used for childhood trauma healing, such as play therapy, family therapy, and parent-child interaction therapy require a long time, which may be an issue with many people who are not able to continue such a long journey. Childhood trauma takes a great deal of time to heal but it must be addressed because according to the NIH, about 20 to 48 percent of children experience some kind of trauma and this affects the way they behave and even their future health (ACE study) as well as the quality and stability of their relationships even during their adulthood.

Colette Streicher, who developed the MAP Method with the help of Dr. Garry Flint, wants to point out that there’s a way to speed up the process of helping people with their anxiety, stresses, and various types of trauma, including those that originated from their childhood. While most American therapists do achieve results over the course of several months or even years for each patient, not everyone can persist over such a long period of time, which often leads to a high level of drop out before any results have been achieved. With the MAP Method, they were able to provide fast results that were long lasting and made an impact on people’s lives.

An emotional trauma, such as a childhood trauma, is a kind of memory that is established in the brain through the creation of a neural pathway, which has long been regarded by professionals as permanent. Thus, the treatment methods used are often focused on creating parallel neural pathways and using these new pathways to compete with the neural pathway of any given emotional trauma. The problem with this approach is that the parallel pathways tend to be less stable and less strong, which may result in a relapse.

The MAP Method is a scientifically based modality that is based on the discovery of the brain’s neuroplasticity, which can be used to rewire and change long-term memories that affect a person’s behavior and beliefs in such a way that they prevent that person from achieving success. It enables the replacement of the old negative wiring of the brain with a new connection that is positive or neutral such that it does not act as an obstacle to success. This can result in a quick transformation and reshaping of the way that the individual thinks and behaves.

They want mental healthcare professionals, such as psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists, to know that they are offering a MAP Certification Program that includes everything they need and want from a curriculum designed to equip them to lead their patients and clients through the MAP Method.

Established in 2015, the MAP Coaching Institute was founded to enable them to use their proprietary MAP Method to provide help to people in discovering that they have a power within themselves to effectively and quickly change their feelings, beliefs, and thoughts that frequently serve as impediments in their journey towards making their lives extraordinary. They are also eager to teach the program’s techniques to other professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and even healing arts practitioners to enable them to have a better treatment method that they can apply for the benefit of their clients.

To arrange a meeting about any of these topics or to request details about their Certified Practitioner Program, visit their website's Contact Us page to send a request. Those who are interested in seeing additional insights about the MAP Coaching Institute can read their most recent press release:

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About MAP Coaching Institute :

MAP (Make Anything Possible) makes positive change easy, gentle, and immediate. The MAP Method™ is validated by neuroscience to provide measurable results in minutes so you can finally overcome trauma, stress, self-sabotaging behavior and more.

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