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MAP Coaching Institute Offers Help with Trauma, Mental Health, and Emotional Healing

January 24, 2022
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The founders of MAP Coaching Institute are eager to help more people know about their successes related to fast and long-lasting mental and emotional improvements they have seen and continue to see each day with their clients.

MAP Coaching Institute provides services internationally online and wants to emphasize the kind of help that they can provide to people who are suffering from stresses (EG, COVID) and emotional disharmony connected to traumatic events or circumstances and want to release them gently and effectively as well for those who simply want to quickly clear limiting beliefs and subconscious sabotaging patterns so they can reach a higher level of happiness and success in their lives. See more about the MAP Method™ at

MAP Coaching Institute 2022 The MAP Method

Founded in 2015, MAP Coaching Institute employs the MAP Method™ (MAP is short for Make Anything Possible) that was developed as a way to help people realize the power that they have within themselves to effectively and rapidly alter their feelings, thoughts and beliefs that would otherwise rob them of their opportunity to live extraordinary lives. They are also ready to teach the program’s methods to professionals to assist them in the treatment of their clients.

Colette Streicher, Founder and President of the MAP Coaching Institute, says, “Our Mission is to empower individuals to quickly dissolve unconscious blocks, gently heal unresolved trauma, and easily overcome emotional stress. We help people every day embody a new sense of calm when dealing with their thoughts, emotions, and life circumstances (including the array of emotions related to COVID overall and the personal stresses that are part of this new way of living) so they become their highest and best self and have a positive contribution to their family and community. The MAP Method™ is designed to help you create a happy life that's an ideal expression of your highest values. If you’ve spent years trying to reach your full potential and still aren’t quite where you want to be, MAP is the missing piece you’ve been looking for.”

Colette Streicher, who founded the MAP Coaching Institute with Valentin Streicher, had experienced a traumatic family event when she was nine years old. That was a major turning point in her life because it was then that she decided that she would do everything possible to ensure that she would create a happy family and also help others who want to be happy. This goal led her to move to the US in 1995. Later, she obtained a Master’s Degree as a Licensed Social Worker with specialization in Family Therapy from the University of Houston. She became interested in positive psychology after establishing her practice and working with business owners, athletes, leaders, and high achievers as a success coach in addition to being a therapist. She started her research on how people achieved personal transformation and peak performance. She gained insights and certifications on a wide range of modalities during her more than 20 years in practice, including getting training on the Emotional Freedom Techniques of Gary Craig.

Meanwhile, Dr. Garry Flint (1934 - 2021) in Canada had developed Process Healing, which was a very innovative and potent way to heal the mind. It was a combination of clinical theory, observation, and training in hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and various new and effective treatment methods. Colette Streicher discovered Dr. Flint when she read his book on personality disorders. She then asked the retired psychologist and expert on personality disorders to mentor her because she realized how the method could be expanded to help not only personality disorders but to help anyone with mental and emotional distress or even sabotaging patterns that were preventing peak performance. In alignment with Dr Flint, she then expanded the method and included insights gained during her 30 years of experience. This was when MAP was born and brought about a method to address not only memories recorded in the brain but all other types of memories that research had confirmed were paramount to complete emotional healing such as body (somatic) memories, generational memories, and other memories that were not addressed in Process Healing.

It was at this point that Valentin Streicher joined the team.

Valentin Streicher’s contributions significantly enhanced the impact of the approach, which was already called Make Anything Possible (MAP). Valentin spent two and a half years in research and development and was able to develop a protocol that systemized the method and is now used as guidance for each MAP Session. He then created the current training curriculum and he took on the role of Head Trainer at the institute.

The MAP Method™ is a scientifically based method that utilizes the brain’s neuroplasticity to rewire and reconsolidate long-term memories that are hindrances or not beneficial to that person’s successes. It allows the replacement of the old negative connection with a new connection that is positive or neutral, which can result in swift changes and a transformation in the way that the person thinks and behaves.

Those who are interested in learning more about the MAP Method™ and the MAP Coaching Institute can check out their website, or contact them through email.

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MAP (Make Anything Possible) makes positive change easy, gentle, and immediate. The MAP Method™ is validated by neuroscience to provide measurable results in minutes so you can finally overcome trauma, stress, self-sabotaging behavior and more.

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