Lean Six Sigma Online Courses Launched By Knowledge Train

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City of London, England -

UK based Knowledge Train is pleased to invite students to sign up for the new Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt online certification course. While accredited by APMG International, the Lean Six Sigma certification scheme was also developed in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA). See more here: Lean Six Sigma Online.

Lean and Six Sigma are two individual specialisms that address business and organisational performance. Lean management involves carefully improving an organisation’s processes in order to eliminate waste, thereby improving efficiency. This improvement is systematic and cumulative, so larger goals tend to be realised in the long-term. Six Sigma, on the other hand, focuses on giving organisations the tools to improve their overall capability, increasing profits and reducing defects. Since there is naturally a large degree of overlap between the two specialisms, combining them with an eye on maximising their individual strengths produces a potent force that can greatly improve the efficiency of any project.

Lean Six Sigma online courses from Knowledge Train.

Simon Buehring, Managing Director at Knowledge Train, explains, “Lean Six Sigma is a blend of Lean, which is about speed, efficiency and taking waste out of a process, and Six Sigma, which is a process improvement framework. Our new online Lean Six Sigma courses are aimed at people working on Lean Six Sigma teams.” According to Buehring, the team had specific goals in mind when they began crafting the programme. He says, “We chose to develop the Yellow Belt training course so that people working in distributed teams during Covid could learn about Lean Six Sigma and become productive members of Lean Six Sigma improvement initiatives.” The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is self-paced, so students can take their time making their way through the included materials. In general, Buehring says they will take around 10 hours of study to complete the course.

Even prior to Covid, however, the team knew that online courses were swiftly becoming the new norm, aided largely by the numerous advantages they provided students and educational institutions alike. Similarly, Knowledge Train wants everyone to be able to access their training materials and exams regardless of their means, lifestyle or even disability. The organisation strongly believes that everyone has the right to improve their expertise in project management (and in turn improve how attractive they are to employers). Learn more here: Online Lean Six Sigma.

“Our online Lean Six Sigma course is compliant with WCAG accessibility standards and is a timesaving and cost-saving alternative to classroom courses,” states Buehring. “Students can choose to study when and where they choose, and they only require an internet connection with audio.”

Two factors play a crucial role in how easy it is for students to sign up for and complete Knowledge Train’s online Lean Six Sigma course. To begin with, they can explore the course’s materials at any time they choose since it is no longer necessary for them to visit a classroom on a fixed schedule. Second, online courses are more cost-effective than their classroom counterparts, and this is bolstered by the fact that students need not pay additional transport or lodging fees simply to attend classes. If a student is able to sign up online, they already have all the tools they need to finish the course in question: an internet connection and a device capable of viewing its contents.

Feedback from students helps to illustrate how well this system works. A Google review of the company (regarding another course) says, “Emanuela was my trainer today, and I did all my training virtually. It ran really smoothly, and she was an excellent trainer. Sometimes, I get easily distracted but the way she did the training was informative and engaging and very useful, it was explained all in an easy to understand manner, and I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this course, and the templates I have now will be really useful for future projects. Thank you very much to everyone who bought this course to me today.” Knowledge Train expects the new Lean Six Sigma online training course to produce similarly great results.

Students may reach out to Knowledge Train directly by phone or email if they have any other concerns they wish to discuss. They can also sign up for their desired course by visiting the Knowledge Train website today.

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