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City of London, England -

UK based Knowledge Train is pleased to announce the launch of its new AgilePM® online courses, which are available at Foundation and Practitioner levels. Both online courses include the online exams, and students are welcome to further their understanding of the subject at their own pace. Learn more about AgilePM online training courses on the company’s official website.

Agile methods have taken the business community by storm since their introduction, and the reason why is simple: they work exceedingly well and have demonstrably positive outcomes when implemented correctly. However, certain methods may give students additional, vital skills that others do not, and this is why Knowledge Train has chosen to support the dissemination of AgilePM via their online courses.

Knowledge Train

AgilePM is the agile project management framework built upon the Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM), one of the original agile methods. AgilePM is a fully scalable, proven agile framework and includes aspects of agile project management that are missing from all other agile frameworks, including Scrum (which is widely held in high esteem). According to Knowledge Train, AgilePM fills the gap between traditional project management methods and agile development methods, such as Scrum.

This is confirmed by Knowledge Train Managing Director Simon Buehring. He elaborates, “AgilePM has become the most popular agile Project Management certification today. That’s because the most popular agile frameworks such as Scrum are missing key project management aspects — which are included in AgilePM. AgilePM has a very good heritage. It was built upon DSDM, one of the original signatories to the Agile Manifesto. DSDM has proven itself for over 20 years to be a scalable, flexible, agile framework.” As such, the Agile Project Management online training courses offered by Knowledge Train represent an opportunity that should not be missed.

By gaining an agile project management certification online, students can improve the job opportunities at their disposal (since this demonstrates their understanding of agile projects and how they can be managed). This is true within their own organisation as well as among prospective employers. However, the team at Knowledge Train knew they had to make sure everyone could access their educational materials with ease if they were to make a sizable impact on the business community as a whole instead of restricting these benefits to a relatively few individuals.

Knowledge Train has long understood that accessibility is a vital part of any educational endeavour. In addition to making their courses available online, which allows a much larger audience to access them at convenient times, the organisation says accommodations have been made to ensure students with disabilities will also be able to make effective use of the material. Buehring says, “We are proud to announce that our new AgilePM online courses meet accessibility standards and are a great way for students to gain their AgilePM certification by learning from home.” The company’s courses can be accessed via most internet-capable devices, including desktop computers, mobile phone and tablets. As such, they are suitable for users on all screen sizes.

Students stand to gain numerous advantages by studying online. To begin with, AgilePM is designed to be implemented by industry professionals, so students are likely to have busy careers that they have to balance with their education. Fortunately, Knowledge Train recognises this, so their AgilePM online courses may be complete at each individual student’s convenience or preference, which would not be possible in a classroom environment or fixed premises. Even if the student has no pressing obligations, the company says, this still leaves them with more time to pursue an education in other areas.

Adding to this, Knowledge Train’s courses are taken by individuals across a broad spectrum of the workforce, and this includes freelancers, contractors and so on who may otherwise be forced to choose between attending a classroom course and making a living. Online, however, they are free to follow the course as and when they please. Since they also have no associated fees to pay (travel fare, accommodations and so on), the savings are even greater, especially given that online courses cost less than their classroom counterparts.

Any inquiries regarding AgilePM or the new online courses may be directed to Jay Gao of Knowledge Train. AgilePM® is a registered trademark of Agile Business Consortium Limited.

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