Dumpster Rental Systems Offers Dumpsters for Sale

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Dumpster Rental Systems (DRS), a company based in Cedar Park, TX, is happy to announce that they also offer dumpsters for sale. This is because they have partnered with trustworthy roll off dumpster manufacturers to provide the best possible dumpster choices that are dependable and are in compliance with all industry standards. Some of the manufacturers they have partnered with are Keystone Waste Solutions, Wastequip, Counts Container, Bakers Waste Equipment, Box Gang Manufacturing, PLUM Creek Environmental, Bucks, Friesen’s Welding & Mfg, J-Box Custom Fabrication, Alloy Welding & Manufacturing, On-Trux, AC Disposal Services, Ozark Dumpster Manufacturing, International Container Company, and RolliSkate. Those who are looking for dumpsters for sale can get multiple free quotes. Various kinds of dumpsters are available, such as: roll offs, rear load dumpsters, and hooklift dumpsters.

Dumpster rental companies can find a brief summary of each particular dumpster manufacturer on the DRS website. For instance, Keystone Waste Solution is a company that is focused on dumpster manufacturing and refurbishing of all waste-handling equipment. Their services include all kinds of roll off containers, specialty containers designed for a particular application, front or rear load containers, mobile truck maintenance, equipment repairs or refurbishing, and even consultant services

Dumpsters For Sale

Wastequip is a provider of roll-off dumpsters for sale and other waste handling and disposal equipment. Their team members are capable of providing solutions for collection, transport, and handling of wastes.

The dumpsters for sale available through DRS are related to their main business, which is the provision of a dumpster software for companies offering dumpster rentals, using just one platform from any device. With this software, DRS allows clients to streamline their business, which results to increases in sales, productivity, and revenue while reducing costs, wasted time, and stress.

Because of the DRS dumpster apps, their software can be used virtually anywhere. This means that users are able to track containers, take orders, and manage their crew, wherever they are by using their smartphone or tablet. With this software, a dumpster rental company can grow from a 9 to 5 operation to a 24/7 business without any need for extra resources of manpower.

The all in one dumpster software has several beneficial features. These include: a website with 24/7 online ordering; contractor open ended ordering; residential dayspan online ordering; mobile driver application; customer relation management (CRM); contractor application; admin application; dispatching and routing; Quickbooks integration; segmented e-mail marketing; e-signature / paperless billing; real-time truck tracking; text message marketing; automated invoicing; abandon cart / email notifications; charge travel fee by city, mobile, or zip; and special contractor pricing.

The DRS administrator app, that was built specifically for the dumpster industry, allows the user to control all aspects of their dumpster rental business. They provide all the resources and tools needed by a dumpster rental business to run efficiently, smoothly, and profitably.

The DRS contractor dumpster app was designed for the contractors of a dumpster rental company. The app enables online booking, special pricing, and swap-outs. The user can customize the rental schedule for the contractors to make sure that they are being provided with the personalized service that is relevant for their specific needs. And the driver app is for managing orders and customers on the fly. This fully integrated driver application may be used to manage orders fast and easily on the go. The dumpster rental company’s drivers can enter a tonnage charge, accept payment, route to their destination, and communicate with the customer all from their smartphone.

Founded in 2019, Dumpster Rental Systems offers a web based software package that allows the user’s customers to order online while they are able to view real-time availability. Everything about the system can be automated, such as customer surveys, reminders, intelligent add-on sales, and more. They will then allow the user to run their business more efficiently through the use of automatic marketing tools, scheduling and routing tools, and reports, that all combine into a fine tuned money making system.

Those who are interested in dumpsters for sale can check out the Dumpster Rental Systems website at, or contact them on the phone, or through email.

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Dumpster Rental Systems (DRS) dumpster software automates everything you can think of for your dumpster rental business, using one platform from any device.

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