Backyard Bug Patrol Offers Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites

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Great Falls, Virginia -

Backyard Bug Patrol, a pest prevention service based in Great Falls, Virginia, recently posted a wealth of information about avoiding mosquitoes as weather warms up towards the end of Spring into Summer. Mosquitoes develop most quickly in warm, humid climates, when temperatures are generally above 70 degrees F, or 21 degrees C. The bugs breed in standing water, which can be especially plentiful after a heavy rain, or around ponds and wetlands.

Because mosquitoes can carry threatening diseases that can cause great harm to humans, including West Nile Virus and Zika Virus, it is considered especially important to avoid the risk of mosquito bites. The most sure method of avoiding mosquito bites is to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding in the first place, and Backyard Bug Patrol has a collection of tips for doing just that - as well as staying safe from those mosquitoes that still manage to exist. Anyone can learn more about Backyard Bug Patrol by visiting their Facebook page at

The first tip Backyard Bug Patrol provides for preventing mosquitoes from breeding is to remove any standing water from around the home, whether its in buckets, planters, or anything else that can hold water. Even something as small as as the back of a miniature toy truck can hold enough water for mosquitoes to breed, so it is especially important, after a rain or any other watery event, to empty buckets, plastic toys, puddles on tarps, or anywhere else water may have collected, to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle and prevent mosquitoes from proliferating in their backyard.

Other common culprits for mosquitoes are ponds and wetlands, which can offer plenty of places for mosquitoes to hide from predators and lay their eggs. Running water disrupts the eggs, so people in mosquito prone areas who want water features on their properties are often encouraged to install running water features, with waterfalls or rivers, to keep mosquito eggs from hatching there. Backyard Bug Patrol also recommends keeping grass, weeds and other vegetation neatly trimmed to minimize spaces that can turn into hiding spots for mosquitoes.

Since mosquitoes are likely to still appear nearby, even when a property owner is extremely diligent about removing standing water from their property, the information about mosquito bite prevention from Backyard Bug Patrol also covers tricks for avoiding getting bitten by mosquitoes even when they can’t be stopped from existing at all. They suggest covering windows and doors with tight fitting screens, so mosquitoes can’t get into buildings. This way, people who stay indoors will stay safe from mosquito bites and the diseases they can spread. Promptly repairing any holes or rips that form in the screens is also important, since mosquitoes are quite small and can utilize even very small tears to make their way into a building.

When being outside in a mosquito prone area is unavoidable, mosquito bites can be avoided by wearing an insect repellent, such as those containing DEET, picaridin, lemon eucalyptus oil, or IR3535. These ingredients have proved to be effective at keeping mosquitoes at a distance. Bugs also cannot bite skin they cannot reach, so long sleeved shirts and full length pants can also be a helpful tool in avoiding getting bit by a mosquito and contracting a mosquito borne illness.

Of course, for homeowners who want extra protection against mosquitoes and other pest bugs such as ticks, Backyard Bug Patrol offers seasonal tick and mosquito plans to shield homes and yards from insects that could be carrying dangerous viruses. Backyard Bug Patrol works with homeowners to maintain protection against bugs when its needed most. Their services have been highly rated by their customers, and a collection of reviews can be found here:

As one positive review states, “We hired Backyard Patrol and were able to enjoy the backyard over the summer without getting decimated by mosquitoes & ticks. Not sure what formula they use but it works well. A very reliable service.”

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