Backyard Bug Patrol Adds Organic Pest Control Service In Great Falls, VA

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Great Falls, Virginia -

VA based Backyard Bug Patrol is offering the Great Falls community the benefit of a professional, organic pest control service. The company has long made it their mission to take care of their area’s pest problems in a responsible and humane manner, and this means that they actively look for new ways to preserve the environment as well.

The company explains that many of the green treatments they offer are actually preventative in nature, allowing homeowners to be proactive and protect their home from invasion instead of having to respond after the fact. All they have to do is sign up for the company’s convenient Preventative Pest Control Program to take advantage of this service. The treatments used in this program can stop many common pests, including ants, spiders, crickets and so on, and each home is serviced in accordance with its unique needs. As such, a treatment may be used to address specific problems instead of attempting to blanket the area with a generalized solution. In addition to reducing the risk of environmental spillover, Backyard Bug Patrol says this keeps costs down, so customers who call the company for help outside their specialized programs can always afford the exact service they need — nothing more, nothing less.

indoor green pest control service being completed by a technician with Backyard Bug Patrol

In the Preventative Pest Control Program, the company dispatches an experienced technician to their customer’s residence in order to carry out an inspection of its interior. This often takes place before a pest problem is even discovered by the customer. A number of likely spots will be checked, including cabinets, food storage spaces, bathrooms and so on, following which they will walk the entire interior and exterior of the property looking for signs of pests. If evidence of pests is discovered during the inspection, the technician will consider all available options — with preference largely being given to green, non-toxic, 100% organic products. In some cases, however, this will not be possible, such as when the infestation proves to be particularly difficult to eradicate. Then, and only then, the company will resort to using stronger alternatives.

The company visits their customers’ properties on several occasions over the course of each year in order to check that the pest control problem was indeed dealt with. If necessary, they may run a new round of treatments. Customers are also encouraged to call the company if they notice a pest infestation between their scheduled inspections. The team will visit the property at no further charge to correct the problem.

Backyard Bug Patrol openly invites their community to share feedback whenever possible, whether on location (following a job) or via the company’s online platforms. This enables them to quickly identify aspects of their service that may need to be tweaked to better suit their customers’ needs and preferences. The company cautions, however, that they will not compromise when it comes to safety, be it their team’s or a customer’s. In all other matters, they are pleased to hear from the households they have helped.

Fortunately, customers appear to have few issues with the company’s work. The vast majority of the reviews left online, for instance, are highly positive in nature, and Backyard Bug Patrol shares that a great deal of their business comes from repeat customers as well as referrals.

One five star review by Joann H. is an excellent example of this. Posted on the company’s Google profile (where more than 100 other reviews can be found), it says, “We have been using Backyard Bug Patrol's mosquito barrier treatments for many years, and we've been very pleased with the results! Our backyard used to have so many mosquitoes that our kids would be bitten up every time they went outside to play. But Backyard Bug Patrol has drastically reduced the number of mosquitoes and gnats in our backyard so that my kids now enjoy being outside again! We added the Backyard Bug Patrol rodent bait services, and it has gotten rid of our problems with mice in our house.”

Backyard Bug Patrol’s eco-friendly pest control options make them especially compatible for homes with children, pets and so on. The company invites their community to get in touch with their customer service representatives if they have any concerns regarding the products or techniques used. An appointment for pest control services can also be scheduled this way.

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About Backyard Bug Patrol :

Ensuring that children don't get Lyme Disease in their own backyard. We provide outdoor pest control services in northern Virginia to prevent mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, and ants.

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