Registration Now Open For Palms To Pines Air Race

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Santa Monica, California based LAPilotGirl is pleased to share that registration for the Palms To Pines Air Race is now open. A private, Los Angeles based pilot, LAPilotGirl is eager for her community to take part in this event. Other aviation enthusiasts are also welcome to support the race by sharing its latest news with their friends and family.

The next Palms To Pines Air Race is mere months away, and pilots should note that it will be held between August 11 -13, 2022. It is open exclusively to women pilots, and LAPilotGirl informs her community that students are able to fly either as passengers or co-pilots. The race will take place over two days, beginning in California and concluding in Oregon. The Day 1 details are as follows: Santa Monica - Salinas (compulsory fly-by) - Red Bluff. The Day 2 details are: Red Bluff - Klamath Falls (compulsory fly-by) - Madras.

Palms To Pines Air Race

Since it is expected that pilots will utilize a variety of planes to take part in the race, all aircraft will need to be handicapped to level the field. Details regarding when and where pilots can get their airplane handicapped will be made available once the registration process is complete. Notably, the event is allowing entry forms to be submitted electronically, and registration fees may be paid either through PayPal or mailed to organizers with a check. LAPilotGirl recommends that participants register as soon as possible to take advantage of the event’s Early-bird special, which is valid until May 11, 2022. After June 11, 2022 a late registration fee will apply as well. Registration will close one month later on July 11, 2022. All entries with supporting documents (accompanied by associated fees) must be electronically submitted or postmarked no later than this date. More details on this can be found on the Palms to Pines Air Race website.

LAPilotGirl, who runs an online shop that offers customizable pilot apparel, states that pilots, students and supporters are welcome to order their aviation-themed tees and more ahead of the event. She is especially looking forward to seeing her T-shirts on attendees and participants during the event.

This year, organizers are aiming to honor a long-standing tradition that spans no fewer than four decades — supporting a new generation of women pilots by giving them an opportunity to showcase their capabilities in the air. According to the organizers, the annual Palms to Pines Air Race originally took place each summer at the end of July or beginning of August, and teams flew from Santa Monica to central Oregon, a distance of approximately 750 statute miles. It is reported that the races boasted between 30 to 60 planes with either teams or solo pilots participating from all over the western United States.

This race took place every year without fail for 40 years until 2009. Notably, 34 teams participated in the very first air race to Independence, Oregon, which only had an undeveloped plot of land that functioned as an airport as it had a grass field (and no hangars). In the years since, the race has grown in both popularity and complexity, and organizers expect a sizable turnout from serious competitors. The August 2022 air race will be the event’s first since 2009, more than a decade ago. The Palms to Pines organizers encourage all participants to come fully prepared to present their best effort during this time.

LAPilotGirl adds that a complete list of details can be found on the Palms to Pines website. These details include the race’s route, itinerary, rules and more. Alternatively, interested parties may visit her web store or associated platforms if they wish to purchase their very own aviation tees and other apparel.

LAPilotGirl is a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the 99s, the International Organization of Women Pilots. She's the fly-in chair of her chapter, organizing monthly fly-in events to various Southern California airports, she is also the webmaster for the Palms To Pines Air Race that the LA99s are organizing.

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