LAPilotGirl Announces Store Selling Aviation Themed Apparel And Accessories

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LAPilotGirl is announcing the opening of her new online aviation store, which offers aviation themed apparel and accessories. LAPilotGirl is a pilot who loves shopping for things that show her love of aviation. She’s been disappointed with the selection of aviation-themed apparel and accessories she’s been able to find on the market, so, with much trial and error, she designed her own and opened this online store to share them with other pilots and people who love flying. LAPilotGirl has several designs to choose from, including line drawings of the runways of various airports around Los Angeles and elsewhere, and “Congrats on your first solo flight” designs for flight students who have recently flown for the first time without an instructor. These designs are available on a number of attractive products, including clothing items like hoodies, tshirts, and tank tops, home goods such as pillows and blankets, and a selection of office supply items. There are also some gift items for the recently soloed student pilots. All of this and more is available via LAPilotGirl’s new online aviation attire store.

For those who like her designs, but can’t find an item they like on her main website, LAPilotGirl has also opened storefronts on several popular online shopping platforms, where she is able to offer several different products, and so customers can purchase her designs through the platforms they trust the most, or otherwise prefer. On Etsy, her full selection of designs is available, as well as on eBay, where she’s sold 32 itmes with 100% positive feedback from buyers. A couple additional items are available on Redbubble, including art prints, art board prints, and canvas prints of various designs. For those customers looking for an extra special gift, such as for the flight student in their lives who recently flew their first solo flight, there are even customizable designs available on her shop on Zazzle, including “Congrats on your first solo flight” pillows printed with the date of the flight, the identifier of the airport the student flew from, and the tail number of the aircraft that was flown. As a pilot herself, LAPilotGirl knows exactly what kind of gift a flight student might want to receive, which is why she designed so many products for sale.

Los Angeles Chapter of the 99s Pilot of the Year 2021 - LAPilotGirl

In addition to being a pilot and a designer of aviation apparel, LAPilotGirl is a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the 99s, the International Organization of Women Pilots. She is even the fly-in chair of the Los Angeles Chapter, organizing monthly fly-in events at various airports around Southern California. She is also the webmaster for the Palms to Pines Air Race, a long running Air Race which the Los Angeles 99s are organizing for August 2022. The Palms to Pines Air Race first ran in 1969, running every year for 40 years until 2009, making it the world’s longest running all-female air race, with teams flying approximately 750 statute miles from Santa Monica to central Oregon at the end of July or beginning of August. In 2020, the Los Angeles 99s took over operation of the race with a goal of honoring tradition and supporting the next generation of women pilots. The 99s know a great deal about tradition, as the organization was founded in 1929 following the first Women’s Air Derby transcontinental air race.

The Ninety Nines got their name from famed female pilot Amelia Earhart, who suggested naming the organization “Ninety Nines” after the number of members on the original charter for the organization. It has since grown to over six thousand members in 44 countries, and is the world’s largest international organization of female pilots. The Los Angeles chapter, where LAPilotGirl is active, was founded just three years later in 1932, but this founding spirit continues to this day, through many, many women, including LAPilotGirl, who recently founded her own online store selling aviation themed apparel and other products that are available for purchase today.

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