Cestari Offers Special Coupon For Valentine’s Day Gift

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Cestari, based in Littleton, Massachusetts, is pleased to offer their customers 14% off for all red products for the purchase of a Valentine's Day gift with a special coupon. The company manufactures a wide range of home products. The coupon is available for all of the items listed in Cestari's Valentine's Day Gift Guide in their Amazon store, and can be automatically selected by checking the coupon box while making a purchase

One of the products which can be bought using this special coupon is the Ultimate Pasta Machine, which is a stainless steel, professional pasta maker with a unique patented suction base for no-slip use. The product features the signature red accents which make it an ideal present for a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Another product on offer is the Garlic Peeler Silicone Tube Roller. The product is made from premium quality, BPA-free, sturdy red silicone which is also odor-free. The product makes it possible to peel multiple cloves of garlic in seconds, an ideal gift for someone who enjoys cooking. The Red limited edition vegetable peeler by Cestari is also available on offer with the special coupon.

Alternatively, the Recipe Holder Stand for Smartphones and Tablets is a practical and elegant gift for a loved one who loves to try out new recipes while cooking. The product is suitable for a phone, Kindle or an iPad for convenient reading. Any of these Cestari products would make a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for a person who expresses their creativity with food.

Cestari also offers many other gift options under this special coupon offer which are ideal for entertaining at home. The Glass Water Infusion Pitcher is one such option. The product comes with a red base and is BPA free, made with premium borosilicate glass which is suitable for both hot and cold liquids. It can be used to infuse fruit into a range of beverages, including iced tea, coffee, water, juice, vodka and tequila. The pitcher has a capacity of 44 ounces as well.

massage ball

The Microwave Popcorn Popper can also make a great gift. The product replaces microwave popcorn bags and makes healthy air popped popcorn as no oil is needed to use it. The Popper is made from BPA-free, premium European grade silicone in the company’s signature shade of red. The popcorn makes up to 8 cups at a time. Similarly, the Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses would make an elegant and unusual gift as well. They are made from Pure Food Grade Himalayan Pink Salt, with no fillers or binders. With 2 tequila shot glasses to a pack, this would be a lovely statement piece to be gifted.

Under the Valentine’s Day coupon offer, the Cestari Massage Ball Hot Cold Roller Ball is also available for purchase. It is a stainless-steel gel ball which can be used for either heat or ice therapy. This can be used to relieve muscle pain, foot pain, including plantar fasciitis and also for a back ache.

For a Valentine's Day gift for a loved one who is fond of nature, the Mason Bee Houses and Supplies are a great choice of gift. It is a bamboo tube bee hotel for solitary bees and is ideal to attract gentle pollinating bees to one’s garden by providing them with a bee home made from FSC certified wood. It also adds a unique decorative touch to the garden as well.

Preparing and sharing food has always been a cornerstone of family life. With traditions passed from generation to generation, it allowed families to stay connected through time. Cestari products can help families stay connected with loved ones by providing high quality kitchen tools that streamline both food prep and clean up, leaving more time to enjoy meals with friends and family. The company was founded by Susan MacDowell, who learned to cook from her mother, grandmother and great-aunts. She was taught how to prepare recipes handed down to them through the generations, and this has been a part of the reason to start Cestari.

The company was founded in 2014 with the mission of making great food easier to cook at home so that families could prepare food together, enjoy meals together and create their own traditions. Cestari products include a blend of traditional tools and modern innovations which help streamline the cooking process. MacDowell is proud to say that she uses all of Cestari’s products in her own kitchen, and her confidence in their quality has enabled the company to ensure that all of their products come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

To learn more about Cestari or to purchase their products, customers may visit the company’s official website. They can also be contacted via phone or email.

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