The Best Serrated Knife That Money Can Buy Is Now Back In Stock From Cestari Kitchen

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Cestari Kitchen, the manufacturer that makes the best serrated knife with a lifetime guarantee, is reporting that its serrated ceramic bread knives are back in stock after they faced a long delay while they were waiting at the port in Long Beach, CA because of recently reported supply chain issues.

Bloomberg reported in November 2021 that the ports at Los Angeles and Long Beach were suffering from a bottleneck due to a range of issues that started piling up and slowing down the movement of goods through the two ports almost a year ago.

Ceramic Serrated Knife

This was caused due to a surge in people ordering online as they were stuck at home waiting for the pandemic to end. The resulting eCommerce boom saw an influx of Asian goods that took up most of the local warehouse space. At the same time, there was also a distinct shortage of truckers and chassis. This created the perfect storm of delays that really started affecting the twin docks near the end of 2021.

Cestari Kitchen was one of the many eCommerce companies across the world that was affected by this delay. The company, that serves its goods to clients all across the United States was particularly hit as its most popular products’ shipments were stuck at the twin ports for several weeks. This affected their ability to get the products out to the public in time.

A spokesperson for Cestari Kitchen, the company that makes the best serrated knife cooking enthusiasts can use for slicing bread, fruits, and vegetables, talks about this delay by saying, “The adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the ninth-biggest container port complex in the world and account for almost 40% of the country’s imported goods. Therefore, any delays at one of the biggest entry points into the United States were bound to affect our ability to get goods out to the consumers. We sincerely apologize to anyone who wanted to purchase our high-quality kitchen gadgets in the interim. We never planned on keeping our valued customers, who ordered our products or were waiting for them to become available for purchase again online, waiting for so long. Now that the situation at Long Beach has eased up, we are confident that we will be able to get you your favorite kitchen knives and accessories within standard shipping times. We thank you for being patient with us and would like to encourage you to visit our store and pick out the products that you had your eyes on.”

Cestari Kitchen, a company based in Littleton, Massachusetts, manufactures the best serrated knife that can pull double duty as an excellent bread knife along with being equally capable at being used for making uniform slices of fruits, vegetables, and hard or soft cheeses.

The company spent years on research perfecting the advanced ceramics that constitute its blade. The knife’s razor-sharp ceramic blade stays sharp longer than either stainless or high carbon steel blades. The non-porous, non-reactive ceramic blade will not absorb odors or discolor food.

The company says that it is also proud of the knife’s ergonomic design and its perfectly balanced lightweight handle that has been customized for maximum user comfort. The knife’s handle is injection molded in a single piece of polypropylene, resulting in a smooth design with no joints to harbor germs and bacteria.

The knife is dishwasher safe and never rusts, making it one of the easiest utensils to care for in the kitchen. The materials are stable at very high temperatures, giving the buyer the freedom to use the “Sterilize” setting of their dishwasher.

Readers who have already purchased or want to buy their own ceramic serrated kitchen knife can visit the company’s website to read recipes that make good use of the knife’s capabilities and also read more about the best way to use and care for it.

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