Mason Bee House Now Available In Sunflower Yellow

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Littleton, MA based Cestari is pleased to announce the introduction of a new bee house color: Sunflower Yellow. The company is launching this color ahead of the Spring Season in order to give their customers enough time to decide where they want to place their mason bee house. The company adds that these bee houses should be placed outside before bees hatch in their area.

According to the company, the time at which bees hatch will vary depending on the area the customer resides in. As a result, they encourage their community to look up when this is for their particular area at once if they wish to give their bee houses the highest chance of being inhabited this coming Spring. While some customers may find that they need to pick a spot immediately as their bees will hatch as early as February, others might still have time to decide where they want to situate their bee houses since their bees will not be hatching till April. If making a purchase through Cestari’s Amazon page, customers are also advised to keep shipping periods in mind and order early to ensure they receive their new bee houses in time.

Sunflower Yellow Mason Bee House

Cestari created these bee houses in a bid to help their community get involved with protecting their native bees. While the bee house is primarily intended for mason bees and orchard bees, it can actually house up to 140 solitary bee species. Each house comes with around 75 nesting tubes of varying diameters, and this is intentionally designed to attract a variety of bee species (since each species prefers a specific diameter). Each nesting tube is over 4” long, which the company states is enough for each pollinator to lay their eggs — and for each of the larvae to mature.

Those with a green thumb or who like growing their own food will also appreciate that attracting more bees will improve the rate of pollination in their garden, thereby improving its yield. Cestari states that healthy, beneficial mason bees are known to visit 1,000 plants every day, making them more effective pollinators than even the famous honey bee.

Amazon customers have already shown great interest in this item (and the previous colors it was provided in). One review says, “I have lots of flowering plants, so the idea of a bee house was intriguing to me. I love this product! It is pretty and well made and is a welcome addition to my garden. And, after just a few days, I’ve seen bees buzzing around it. I definitely would recommend this bee house.”

Many other reviews also touch on the fact that Cestari’s mason bee house makes a lovely aesthetic addition to any garden, and the utility it provides is neatly coupled with visual appeal that complements its surroundings. As one customer shares in their review, “I searched for bird houses and this was one of the ‘related’ items. I'm glad and cannot wait to put it up. My granddaughter and I are making a part of the back yard into a secret garden for flora and fauna, and the bee house will be a great addition. And my granddaughter loves that it is pink!”

As this review notes, children are particularly fond of the bee houses, and Cestari says this can be a great way to get them more involved in caring for the environment and the various creatures that inhabit it. Since the goal is to promote environmental healing, Cestari has also taken the precaution of sourcing FSC certified wood and cutting each tube from long-lasting, sustainable bamboo. This makes each house as suitable for the environment it is placed in as it is for the bees that choose to take up residence within it. In practice, this also means the company’s bee houses will prove to be more durable than alternatives made from paper or cardboard, thereby providing a safer home for the bees.

Those who would like a mason bee house of their own (or would like to learn more about their features) are welcome to visit the product’s Amazon page to get started. Customers may also get in touch with Susan MacDowell of Cestari if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries or learn more about the company’s other products.

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