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Round Rock Tree Experts Uses Tree Removal to Turn Homeowners Backyard into an Orchard

November 08, 2021
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Round Rock, Texas – Last week, Round Rock Tree Experts helped Millicent and her husband remove the cypress trees standing in their expansive backyard. The homeowners wanted to replace the cypress trees with some orange trees. According to Millicent, the fruit trees would offer two benefits at the same time – they would produce fruits and also offer the environmental benefits that the cypress trees were offering.

“When the family sat down last week but one,” said Millicent when explaining why she decided to remove more than 30 cypress trees, “everyone agreed to use the backyard to kill two birds with one stone – that is, get money from the space and improve the environment at the same time.”

Round Rock Tree Experts

‘The cypress trees were nice,” added Millicent, “but, it was impossible to get money from these trees. Orange trees, on the other hand, will let the family sell fruits, and also supply oxygen, provide shade, and even reduce global warming.”

Millicent noted that her family wanted to use an experienced tree removal company in Round Rock to ensure the cypress trees were removed without causing property damage. She also wanted a company that could pull out the stumps together with their roots, leaving the landscape ready for the orange tree planting.

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“The reviews available online showed that Round Rock Tree Experts could offer the benefits the family was looking for,” added Millicent. “The company removed the 30 trees in 5 days – it was a surprise for everyone when its Round Rock tree removal team removed 6 trees every single day. The stump removal took 2 days while the cleanup took only a few hours.”

Millicent noted that after preparing her landscape for the fruit tree planting, Round Rock Tree Experts proceeded to offer her advice on how to plant her orange trees. The homeowner was extremely impressed that the company’s team of qualified professionals in Round Rock was concerned with her project’s success.

“After the tree removal project,” said Millicent, “the company’s CEO stopped by to talk about the upcoming fruit tree planting project. He mentioned that his company wouldn’t want to come back to remove orange trees just because the fruit tree planting team failed to observe the correct spacing between the fruits.”

Millicent noted that for the benefits Round Rock Tree Experts offered, the cost she paid was more than affordable. The homeowner felt like the company undercharged her.

“Round Rock Tree Experts was not the first company the family contacted when planning the cypress removal project,” said Millicent. “The company was chosen when everyone determined that it had the most affordable prices.”

To better understand Millicent’s project, reporters contacted the Round Rock Tree Experts CEO. The CEO invited the reporters to his office for a chat over a cup of tea.

“When Millicent called the booking office and said that she wanted to remove 30 healthy trees,” the Round Rock Tree Experts CEO told the reporters, “the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Round Rock was against the idea. The team, however, agreed to handle the project after learning the homeowner was creating a new urban forest with fruit trees.”

The CEO noted that his team took advantage of modern tree service tools to make Millicent’s project much easier. According to the CEO, when the company’s team combined years of experience with power cutting tools, cranes, and bucket trucks, it was easy to finish the entire project in half the expected time.

“The ability to complete Millicent’s project quickly helped both the company and homeowner,” added the CEO. “The homeowner benefited from a very affordable price while the company got to move on to other projects. It was a win-win for everyone.”

Round Rock Tree Experts office is located at 201 S Mays St, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States. Homeowners interested in tree service can reach the company via +1 512-641-5507 and

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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