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Round Rock Tree Experts Rehired After a Successful Tree Trimming Project

October 27, 2021
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Round Rock, Texas – After realizing that it had already been 4 years since the last tree maintenance procedure, Ilqar Məhəmmədli decided to hire a reputable company for a tree trimming procedure. However, to hire a team that would not disappoint him, Ilqar Məhəmmədli decided to first run a test with his front yard tree. Round Rock Tree Experts did an impressive job trimming the front yard tree, which encouraged the homeowner to rehire the company for the backyard trees.

Speaking to reporters earlier this week, Ilqar Məhəmmədli had the following to say about the tree care company, “These guys completely transformed the tree in our front yard. So impressed I am having them back to do more trees in the backyard.”

Round Rock Tree Experts

“We did not know that Ilqar Məhəmmədli was using the first project as a test,” said the Round Rock Tree Experts CEO. “However, the fact that we take all jobs seriously has allowed us to ace the test and get the much bigger job. We showed up early for the job and trimmed the front yard tree carefully. We intend to give the backyard project our all – this means ensuring maximum safety for the utilities, working extra hard to complete the entire project sooner than the homeowner expects, and combining Ilqar’s ideas with our own to deliver maximum benefits.”

Round Rock Tree Experts CEO noted that over the past 25 years, his team of qualified professionals in Round Rock has worked with thousands of homeowners in the region. Over 97% of these property owners have contacted the company again for more services.

“What’s more,” added the company’s CEO, “we are always in a position to handle riskier tree care procedures in Round Rock. For example, the next project we will be handling on Ilqar Məhəmmədli’s landscape will be more complicated than the first one. The trees in his backyard are surrounded by utilities that can easily suffer damage. To avoid dropping the branches we cut on neighboring utilities, we will have to tie them with ropes and then lower them down slowly.”

The CEO noted that his team will have to rely on manual climbing instead of the company’s bucket trucks to reach the tree crown.

“While we do enjoy the ease that our modern tree service tools bring with them,” said the CEO, “the tools are not always beneficial. For example, in the case of Ilqar Məhəmmədli, the trees we will be working on are locked away by a very well-manicured flower garden. If our Round Rock tree trimming team tries to use a bucket truck, they will most likely end up damaging the landscape with the machine’s heavy tires. Therefore, even though the manual climbing will take more time, we are ready to use it to protect our client’s attractive landscape.”

Round Rock Tree Experts CEO notes that his team of tree cutting professionals in Round Rock will handle clean up immediately after the tree trimming procedure. The company notes that in addition to collecting the branches, its team will also collect all the leaves, sawdust, and even clean the roof of the nearby house. The company plans to leave Ilqar Məhəmmədli’s home looking much better than they found it.

“Tree trimming is supposed to clean the crowns on the trees,” said the Round Rock Tree Experts CEO. “This means that when our team goes up the trees, they will remove waste from up there and bring it down. Since our goal is to clean all parts of the client’s landscape, we do not plan on leaving the branches on top of Ilqar Məhəmmədli’s flowers and glass. We will collect the waste and take it to the dumpsite.”

Round Rock Tree Experts offices are located at 201 S Mays St, Round Rock, TX 78664, United States. Property owners, however, can reach the company’s booking office via +1 512-641-5507 and

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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