Philadelphia Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Replace Dead Shade Tree After Tree Removal

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On Monday, Philadelphia Tree Service Experts completed a dead tree removal procedure on Jenkins's front yard. After bringing down the white oak, the tree service company realized that this was Jenkin’s favorite shade tree. To ensure that the homeowner was on her way to getting back her shade, Philadelphia Tree Service Experts spent the whole of yesterday planting a new shade tree.

“The white oak has been on this landscape for at least 200 years,” Jenkins told a group of reporters. “There is a chance the tree died after living long enough. Even though the white oak was a favorite shade tree, it had to go as soon as it died – the family could not allow the tree to remain on the landscape since it was offering zero value. Also, there was a chance of it developing internal decay, which would have turned into a hazard.”

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts

Jenkin’s noted that Philadelphia Tree Service Experts was extremely effective when handling the tree’s removal. Despite the 70-foot tree being just 9 feet from her house and 30-feet from the powerline, the company’s team of qualified professionals in Philadelphia brought it down without causing property damage.

“What impressed the family, even more, is that after learning that the white oak was the most preferred shade tree on the landscape,” added Jenkins, “the company offered to replace it.”

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Jenkin’s noted that the company worked hard on Monday to not only remove the white oak but to also prepare the landscape for a new tree. According to the homeowner, the preparation involved pulling the white oak’s stump from the ground together with its roots.

“The initial plan was to grind the stump to improve safety,” said Jenkins. “However, when the kids said they were frustrated because their favorite shade tree was about to be removed, this team of tree cutting professionals in Philadelphia decided to handle complete stump removal. The complete stump removal allowed the company to dig a hole for a new tree. Since the company did not have a planting tree on Monday, they came back yesterday with what they called ‘a fast-growing shade tree’. They planted the tree, watered it, and placed mulching material around its base. The only thing needed now is watering every 3 days to help the tree establish itself.”

The homeowner noted that Philadelphia Tree Service Experts charged her a very affordable fee for both the tree removal and tree planting procedures. Jenkins did not feel like she paid any money for the tree planting procedure – it was like the team replaced her tree out of goodwill.

To better understand why Philadelphia Tree Service Experts decided to replace Jenkins's tree, a reporter contacted the company’s CEO.

“Although homeowners consider Philadelphia Tree Service Experts the best tree removal company in Philadephia and neighborhoods like Phoenixville, Exton, Ardmore, and Conshohocken,” the company’s CEO told the reporters. “The company’s goal is to keep this city’s urban forest intact and to facilitate its growth.”

The CEO noted that his company was more geared toward saving trees with services like pruning, trimming, and treatment.

“However,” added the CEO, “when professional tree services in Philadelphia can't save a tree and tree removal is the only ideal option, the team always encourages homeowners to replace the tree. At a very small extra cost, the company helps homeowners with tree replacement.”

The CEO noted that his team planted a red maple on Jenkins's landscape. The company chose the red maple over a new white oak since the red maple was fast-growing. The red maple’s fast growth would allow Jenkins's family to enjoy shade much sooner than new white oak.

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts offices are located at 8055 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19153, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 484-496-3167 and

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