Philadelphia Tree Service Experts Reduces Emergency Tree Removal Cost to Favor Client’s Budget

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On Tuesday, Philadelphia Tree Service Experts used its emergency tree service to help a homeowner avoid imminent property damage. After learning that the homeowner – Kim Jason – was under a tight budget and did not have home insurance, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Philadelphia decided to lower the cost for the emergency procedure.

“Lately, I have had a lot of projects going on,” said Kim Jason. “I am in the process of repairing my vehicle after a minor accident and I am also working on improving my waterlogged driveway. These projects have put me in a tight spot moneywise. When I noticed that one of my trees was leaning dangerously after the storm that hit our home earlier yesterday, I was not sure I would have enough money to pay for an emergency procedure. I, however, knew I needed help quickly as the tree would have landed on my house and caused damage.”

After asking for suggestions from friends, Kim Jason ended up settling for Philadelphia Tree Service Experts. Most of his neighbors had enjoyed the company’s affordable tree services.

“I called Philadelphia Tree Service Experts at around 2 pm,” said Kim Jason. “When I told them I had a dangerously leaning tree, they said they would be here in less than an hour. True to their word, the company arrived at around 2:45 PM. While the team was inspecting the tree and coming up with a plan for removing it safely, I spoke with the company’s chief of field operations about the payments. The first thing he asked me is whether I had insurance.”

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The homeowner noted that when the chief of field operations realized that he did not have insurance, he immediately decided to reduce his overall cost. Kim Jason was surprised when the professional informed him that they would cut the overall cost by 30% to make it much more affordable for him.

“We know that tree emergencies always appear out of the blue,” said the chief of field operations during an interview. “They often show up when we are pressed for cash. This was the case with Kim Jason. He already had two other projects that were draining money from his bank account. Since we did not want to stall or stop his other projects – we realized that they were pretty important to him – we had to lower our overall emergency tree removal cost.”

Despite charging Kim Jason a very low cost, Philadelphia Tree Service Experts worked harder than expected to bring the tree down safely. Using the crane to improve the tree’s stability during cutting, the company kept the tree from falling on his fence and house. After cutting, the crane lifted the tree off and dropped it in a clear space.

“I expected the team to leave after bringing the tree down,” said Kim Jason. “That was the only thing I could expect since I had already forced the team to reduce the amount they had intended to charge for the procedure. The company’s Philadelphia tree removal team, however, was kinder than I thought. They sliced the tree trunk into portable pieces and packed the waste in their trucks. They also ground the tree stump leaving it below the surface to eliminate tripping hazards from my front yard.”

Kim Jason told a reporter that he intends to recommend Philadelphia Tree Service Experts to homeowners who will need tree care in the future. He feels that recommending the company will be a good way to give back to its team.

Philadelphia Tree Service Experts base of operation is located at 8055 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19153, United States. The company, however, is extremely easy to communicate with via +1 484-496-3167 and

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