Plumber Company Releases New Video That Demonstrates How Homes Can Save Money With Their Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Method

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Portage Park, Illinois -

Rocket Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, a company based in Chicago, IL, has recently released a cast iron pipe descaling video that demonstrates a method that can offer up to 74 percent savings for homeowners and other property owners when they need repiping. Cast iron pipes tend to have more severe scaling compared to other pipes because over time their inner surfaces get coated with iron oxide, including magnesium and calcium salts. As time goes by, the rust and mineral deposits inside the cast iron pipes become thicker and catch grime and solids that flow through the pipe, considerably reducing the cross-section of the pipe and severely affecting the flow. Typically, this kind of problem will require repiping but it is shown in the video that descaling offers a much less expensive alternative.

Brian McMahon, President of Rocket Plumbing, explains, “In cast-iron sewer pipes, corrosion deposits form naturally over time and attach to the pipe’s inner walls, shrinking the pipe interior and damaging the pipe. Cast iron pipes tend to have more severe scaling because their inner surfaces become coated with iron oxide as well as calcium and magnesium salts. When a pipe develops a thick, uneven layer of mineral and rust deposits, it begins to snag any solids and grime that flow past the rough sections. We have been investing in the latest innovative technology, and one of these is the most up-to-date descaling equipment that allows homeowners to reduce their expenses by up to 74 percent compared to repiping.”

Cast iron pipe descaling offers a less expensive solution for a clogged pipe, such as a sewer pipe. Rocket Plumbing utilizes a drain cleaning machine that was originally designed in Finland and has been used extensively in the UK. It has a rotating component with a radius that is about the size of the inner radius of the pipe and this breaks down and removes the scales while it goes through the pipe. This basically restores the pipe to it original condition where there are no scales inside the pipe and it can perform its function properly.

Rocket Plumbing offers expert service via its team of experienced plumbing technicians. Whatever the plumbing problem, they are ready to offer the necessary services. They are also ready to respond to any emergency requests from homeowners and other property owners. They always have a team of plumbing professionals on standby who are ready to listen to homeowners and other property owners regarding their situation and send their certified and highly trained plumbers as quickly as possible.

It is important to note that Rocket Plumbing does not only offer plumbing services. They can also offer water heater services, hydro-jetting, sewer cleaning, and sump pump repair. Their plumbing services include: faucet repair, gas leak repair, clogged drain cleaning, toilet repair, toilet installation, repair of garbage disposal system, frozen pipes repair, and water leak repair. Some of their specialties is drain cleaning, including: sewage back ups and main sewer drain cleaning; clogged sink drain cleaning; clogged toilets and toilet drain cleaning; blocked dishwasher drain cleaning; blocked garbage disposal drain cleaning; laundry tub drain cleaning; stopped sinks, basin and tub drains; backing up toilets and blocked sewers snaked; snaking slow bathtub drains; blocked outside drain cleaning; clogged shower drain cleaning; roof drain cleaning; stopped stack drain snaked; snaking of backed up drains, sewers and clogged drains; and floor drain back ups and floor drain cleaning.

They also employ hydro-jetting technology for drain cleaning. This uses the latest technology to fully clean sewer lines without the potential damage and mess that traditional rootering and snaking techniques can cause. It uses high-pressure water jets to eliminate debris and clogs within the sewer line while cleaning the line itself to prevent future issues. Hydro jetting is currently the most effective method of clearing backups and clogs in sewer lines.

Founded in 2012 by Brian McMahon, Rocket Plumbing uses the best technology for every plumbing service while ensuring the best possible customer service. That they offer excellent service in their locations in Naperville and Chicago has been proven by the combined more than 500 online reviews they have received for both locations, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Those who require plumber services in Chicago and neighboring areas can check out the Rocket Plumbing website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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