New York Chooses Luxury, Comfort & Convenience With Bus Rental Provider

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Staten Island, NY based US Coachways would like to inform local residents about the many bus rental options they provide. As the holiday season approaches, many people may find themselves in need of a reliable way to transport their friends and family without having to make use of public transport or endure multiple car trips. An NYC bus rental is a good way to get the whole family to the city for a holiday show or any other activity.

“Your family reunion is a time to honor your legacy, to catch up with loved ones and to create new memories,” says US Coachways. “Your time together can be all you hope for, but a reunion can still be a hassle if your family members all have to travel there and back in their own vehicles. Some family members may not drive or may have challenges driving at certain times of day or for long distances. Why not make it easy for your family by booking a charter bus from US Coachways to take everyone to and from the reunion. As an added benefit, you'll have all the time on the bus to enjoy each other's company.”

There are a number of reasons to choose a charter bus rental service to get loved ones together this holiday season. Safety is always a major concern, especially when it involves family. Every US Coachways bus is driven by a highly trained, professional driver, which makes every trip on one of the company’s charter buses one of the safest ways of getting around. There is only one way to board and descend, which makes it easier to control who gets off and on. This has the added bonus of helping ensure no one with ill intentions will be able to board.

Another major concern when trying to find a bus for a family gathering is comfort. US Coachways buses come with spacious seats that offer far more legroom than other modes of travel. There are no middle seats, so passengers are less likely to bump elbows during the trip than on a public bus. The aisles are wide, and passengers are free to get up and interact with each other. Comfort often means paying a premium but with US Coachways, comfort and safety are guaranteed at an affordable rate. Charter buses also eliminate concerns like gas, wear and tear on a vehicle and a number of other expenses, which makes it a highly cost effective way to travel.

The New York charter bus service offers a level of flexibility and reliability rarely found elsewhere. As US Coachways says, “There's no other mode of transportation that gives you as much freedom and as much control. You decide when you want to leave, where you want to go, how long you want to stay, what you'll bring and when you'll come back. You can often make last-minute or real-time changes to your itinerary, or even book your entire family reunion trip with relatively little notice. Delays and cancellations are common with other types of travel, but not with a charter bus. Your driver has the resources to proactively monitor traffic situations and find alternate routes to get you there on time. In addition, our large network of charter bus service providers makes it easier for us to find a replacement vehicle, should you have mechanical problems.”

The driver is always in charge of watching the clock and staying on schedule. This frees the passengers to relax and enjoy the journey and think about the family reunion ahead. This also means that, after the festivities are over, everyone can simply relax and enjoy the trip home without having to worry about making the drive while tired or sleepy. With a charter bus, there are no queues or restrictions on electronic devices. Passengers also have the freedom to use their time on the bus for anything, from introductions to family games and announcements.

US Coachways is one of the most reliable charter bus services in New York, and customers can trust the company to transport family members to and from reunions this festive season. The company also offers corporate event transportation, among a host of other services. Mark Telmany of US Coachways can be reached for further details.

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US Coachways is a leading bus charter provider offering quality nationwide service for point-to-point excursions, long-distance, overnight trips, special events and more. US Coachways bus rentals offer safe, reliable transportation at affordable rates.

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