Travelers Enjoy Smooth Trips With Boston Bus Rental Company

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Staten Island, NY based US Coachways is pleased to share that their customers enjoy a great deal more flexibility on the road when traveling via chartered bus. Given the prevalence of Covid protocols in various locations and businesses, this flexibility can make planning a trip to or through Boston a much easier endeavor as well. The Boston bus rental provider is currently standing by to help passengers plan their next trip to this historic city.

Taking a bus is among the most cost effective and efficient ways to travel anywhere in the country, and US Coachways additionally enables customers across the US to determine nearly every detail of their trip. In addition to being able to travel in the company of friends, family or even coworkers (on corporate trips), US Coachways assigns each customer a driver who will attend to all their needs. This means they can choose when and where they wish to be picked up, how many people (and who) will board the bus, where the group will be dropped off and more. Those traveling to a hotel in Boston, for instance, will be able to step into a bus from their doorstep and be delivered directly to the hotel.

While some may prefer to take a flight to their destination, the price of tickets for a group can be quite excessive. The price is not the only factor to consider, however. US Coachways customers often find that it is much more comfortable to travel in a roomy chartered bus than in an enclosed, pressurized cabin in the air. Few will have the means to charter an entire flight for themselves as well, whereas buses are accessible on most budgets, even for large groups. Additionally, where speed is not a concern, many will prefer to take a bus simply because it is the more environmentally friendly option.

Much of this applies to a corporate bus rental as well. A business that needs to shuttle their employees between cities can hardly find a better alternative to a bus, especially since the time in transit can be utilized on team-building exercises or additional planning. While US Coachways recognizes that many organizations will only consider the cost of a trip, they urge passengers to remember that many of their buses come equipped with WiFi facilities and other productivity-focused upgrades. Should they prefer, the time spent on the road can be put to good use. Conversely, customers may elect to spend the entire trip relaxing. This is also possible, thanks to US Coachways’ investments in luxury and comfort.

A Trustpilot review from Amy G. gives the company a full 5-Star rating for their efforts, explaining that, “I set up my daughters 7th birthday party almost 3 hours away from where my family and friends live. So I felt it was only right to provide transportation for them, and us coachways were the first and only bus company to get back to me. Genine was my advisor and helped me when I emailed and called all times of the day and night and assured me she would find me a driver and that she did in less than a week! I know it’s extremely hard with the times we are in right now but I am extremely happy with the customer service and even the pricing was affordable for what we needed. Thank you so much, Genine, for all your hard work!”

US Coachways also understands that their customers often have to plan trips on tight deadlines. While the company recommends that travelers consider every detail of their trip well in advance, this is not always possible. Cancellations from providers or other members in the group can upset even the best laid plans, so the company takes this into account with every customer that approaches them. This means they are often prepared to address a customer’s needs on short notice.

Where Covid is concerned, bus passengers have much less to be worried about. Since they are renting their own bus, they can determine exactly who gets on board (and where they sit). As a result, those who do not share a Covid bubble, such as families from the same household, can maintain social distance throughout their trip by sitting apart. On the other hand, the fact that they do not have to share the bus with strangers means it is much easier to limit their potential exposure. US Cooachways does advise passengers to be aware of all local laws and guidelines, both at their pick up location and destination. The company is happy to answer any concerns in this regard.

Learn how to rent a bus by visiting the company’s official website or contacting their representatives directly via phone or email. US Coachways and their team can also be reached through their social media channels. The company looks forward to working with customers to plan their next trip in safety and comfort.

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