Tree Service Experts Arlington Leverages Tree Removal to Improve Tree Health on Client’s Landscape

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Arlington, Texas – Tree Service Experts Arlington yesterday helped a homeowner get rid of excess trees on his overcrowded landscape, creating more room for the remaining trees. Working with Jason Medley for 12 hours, the tree service company brought down 10 trees to reduce competition for nutrients and water.

The removal of the excess trees was also aimed at boosting the tree’s access to sunlight, which would stimulate photosynthesis, allowing the remaining trees to make more food. The Tree Service Experts Arlington CEO pointed out that during tree planting, having a good plan – preferably from someone with experience in tree planting – can help eliminate the need for a procedure like the one his team had to handle on Jason’s landscape.

“Competition for limited and unlimited natural resources is one of the leading causes of tree death,” said the Tree Service Experts Arlington CEO while discussing the decision to remove trees in a city with an already declining urban forest. “Water and soil nutrients are limited and the sun is unlimited. When you have too many trees in a small area, the trees will compete with each other to access the vital natural resources they need to survive. More often than not, this leads to malnutrition among the trees and eventual death. However, by sacrificing several trees – as Jason Medley did – one can avoid losing all his/her trees.”

Jason Medley decided to remove some trees from his landscape after noticing signs of wilting, with some of the trees losing their trees in the summer, despite being evergreen species. This pointed out to him that the trees were either suffering from a health problem or were not getting enough nutrients. When he contacted Tree Service Experts Arlington for an inspection, the company confirmed that his trees were indeed suffering from a lack of enough food.

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“I was lucky,” said Jason Medley. “The thing is, if I had waited a few more years, I would have ended up with dead trees on my landscape. Dead trees stick out like sore thumbs, damaging the overall value of a property and lowering the home’s aesthetic appeal. This means I would have been forced to invest in a more expensive tree removal procedure – since more trees would have needed removal – and then put more money into tree replanting. Acting quickly is probably one of the best things I have done in 2021 – I think I may have saved several thousand dollars.”

Tree Service Experts Arlington chief of field operations noted that while handling Jason’s project, complete stump removal became a mandatory procedure as the tree species had the potential to sprout. While complete stump removal was not easy, the chief of field operations noted that his team used both experience and modern tree service tools to pull out the stumps together with the roots without harming the neighboring trees.

“When digging out the stumps,” said the chief of field operations, “We had to keep an eye on the left and right as we went deeper. This was necessary to ensure that the roots belonging to the neighboring trees were not getting cut by our machine. The extra effort needed for the stump removal increased the overall time we needed to complete the procedure. However, we had a good host – Jason Medley was more than willing to spend the right amount of money on the project.”

Tree Service Experts Arlington impressed Jason Medley with very effective clean up after completing the tree and stump removal.

“I have worked with several tree care companies in the past,” said Jason while appreciating Tree Service Experts Arlington for the cleanup. “None of these companies handled cleanup as perfectly as this company did. Tree Service Experts Arlington did not just carry the logs; they also collected the leaves and the sawdust, leaving my landscape sparkling clean.”

Tree Service Experts Arlington base of operation is located at 2317 Roosevelt Dr, Arlington, TX 76016, United States. Its team, however, can be booked by homeowners through the number +1 682-228-6642 or the email

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Tree Service Experts Arlington is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Arlington, TX.

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