Tree Service Experts Arlington Uses Tree Trimming to Improve a Tree That Hadn’t Received Care for Over 25 Years

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Arlington, Texas – A company that boasts the ability to restore the aesthetic appeal of overgrown trees, Tree Service Experts Arlington has helped a homeowner improve the health and appearance of a tree that hadn’t enjoyed professional care for more than 25 years. The tree owner – Mori Millard – was satisfied with the company’s work, noting that the team managed to give the tree a youthful appearance.

Speaking after working with Tree Service Experts Arlington, Mori Millard had the following to say about the Arlington tree trimming team, “Amazing tree service! The estimate and appointment process was quick. They were done and cleaned up in less than an hour. They trimmed and thinned the poor old tree that we'd only had professionally done once in 25 years, our tree looks so healthy now. We will be calling Tree Service Experts Arlington for a yearly visit and would recommend them.”

Tree Service Experts Arlington

The Tree Service Experts Arlington CEO noted that Mori Millard was lucky that his tree was still alive. The CEO told our reporters that if the tree hadn’t been a native species that had already hardened to the weather and soil conditions in Arlington, the tree would have died a long time ago.

“The best way to keep your tree healthy and attractive is to invest in tree trimming once every 1 to 3 years,” said the Tree Service Experts Arlington CEO. “While trees can survive decades without maintenance, their health declines and they lose their ability to create a positive appearance on your property. Some trees, however, may die if they are forced to wait for too long without tree trimming.”

“When Mori Millard invited us to trim his tree,” the CEO added, “we realized that the tree was so overgrown that most of the inner branches couldn’t access the sunlight they needed to make food with photosynthesis. Our team of tree cutting professionals in Arlington fixed the tree’s crown problems. We are impressed to see Mori Millard recommending us to other tree owners.”

TheTree Service Experts Arlington CEO noted that while most homeowners only use tree trimming to boost the aesthetic appeal of their trees, the tree care procedure has much more benefits.

“Sure, hiring a team of tree cutting professionals in Arlington for a tree trimming procedure is an ideal way to make your home look good to the eye,” said the Tree Service Experts Arlington CEO. “However, when improving your tree’s appearance, tree trimming also opens up the tree crown allowing air circulation. What’s more, tree trimming ensures that the tree’s branches are not competing for nutrients and sunlight. This allows the trees to make enough food through photosynthesis. This is the reason why trees look healthier a couple of weeks following a tree trimming procedure. Within a few weeks, Mori Millard should see a lot of positive changes on his tree.”

Tree Service Experts Arlington reportedly has customers inside and outside Arlington. From the reviews that our team of reporters found online, the company has worked with homeowners in several suburbs, including Falls Church, Vienna, Poolesville, Kensington, Rockville, Alexandria, and University Park.

From the reviews, it was clear that Mori Millard is not the first customer that the company has impressed. Most of the testimonials available online point out that the company handles all tree care procedures in Arlington and outside. Using tree removal to open up properties for property development and emergency tree services to help homeowners avoid spending money on property damages, the company reportedly offers maximum benefits with each tree care procedure.

“Whether we are handling professional tree services in Arlington or outside the city,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “we always respond to tree service requests quickly.”

Tree Service Experts Arlington offices are located at 2317 Roosevelt Dr, Arlington, TX 76016, United States. Homeowners, however, can communicate with the company by calling +1 682-228-6642 or sending an email to

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About Tree Service Experts Arlington :

Tree Service Experts Arlington is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Arlington, TX.

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