ACMS Explains When Ductwork Replacement Is Necessary

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Houston, TX based Air Check Mechanical Service (ACMS) recently shared insight on ductwork replacement and why it is vital in certain situations. These insights were shared through a blog post published on the company’s website, which all homeowners are encouraged to read at their convenience.

The post begins by acknowledging that there are many instances in which a full replacement is not necessary. In fact, the company reassures their community that a contractor who advises them against a replacement is not necessarily trying to let a problem fester until it develops into a much more expensive project. Instead, many issues can indeed be repaired without harming the overall integrity of the system.

However, there are times when ductwork needs to be replaced in its entirety, and hesitating at this point would almost certainly lead to disaster of one kind or another. Fortunately, HVAC contractors are capable of running a series of inspections and tests that can help them determine whether they will recommend the right path to take. Air Check Mechanical Service explains that it is better for homeowners to be aware of these circumstances so that they can be totally confident in the recommendation they receive. In the event a contractor does try to obfuscate the truth, it may even help a customer avoid falling into such traps.

First and foremost, ductwork would need to be replaced if it was not designed correctly to begin with. ACMS states, “If your HVAC is causing energy loss, this may be caused by air leaks, as well as ductwork that was not designed properly. Leaks and poorly designed ductwork cannot circulate the air that should effectively cool your house. So, even if you brought the correct HVAC system with the correct size and capacity, if your ductwork is not designed correctly, the rest of your system will not be able to function properly.”

This may be exacerbated by contractors who take the easier route and utilize the old duct system when installing new equipment. This is not feasible in most cases, however, which is why Air Check Mechanical Service never recommends this option.

Next, a system may need replacement if it has suffered catastrophic damage — though such damage is not always easy to distinguish. The company explains that many homes have flexible ducts made of plastic material, which are flimsy enough to twist or tear to an extreme degree. Such issues will restrict airflow greatly, thereby reducing the overall performance of the HVAC unit. A full replacement is the only answer here.

Another problem that would likely require a replacement is the emergence of mold. Air Check Mechanical Service says that one of the main problems here is that mold in a duct system could easily have spores spread to every corner of the residence. This is why a simple cleaning may not be enough. Black mold in particular can cause many health problems if left unchecked for too long. Homeowners who are concerned about this, however, are welcome to contact Air Check Mechanical Service for assistance.

According to the company, exemplary customer service and transparency form two of the core principles they bring to every job. This means that the team will not take it upon themselves to take a single step without the customer’s full confidence that they understand what is being done. This is similarly applied to the company’s rates — Air Check Mechanical Service does not believe in presenting customers with surprise bills. Instead, they will diagnose a problem thoroughly and have a frank discussion about what needs to be done (and how much it will cost) before they begin. The choice is always in the customer’s hands.

“I made a call around 4:45pm,” says a 5-Star Google review from Sara Johnson, “hoping I could get an appointment by the weekend. Mr. Donald answered, and I explained the issue. He stated that he could come by within an hour. We agreed, and he was there on time. Our AC was fixed, and it feels so good inside our home. Nice and cool. Mr. Donald was prompt, kind and courteous. What impressed us the most about the service is how he explained what he was doing and made recommendations. Will definitely recommend his business.”

The company offers more examples of when ductwork would need to be replaced in their full blog post, which is freely accessible on their website. Additional details regarding their services can be found here as well. Similarly, customers may contact Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service directly via email, phone and so on if they wish to discuss their needs further.

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