AC Repair Service: The Best Way To Reduce Energy Costs

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Houston, TX based Air Check Mechanical Service is reaching out to explain the steps local homeowners may take to keep their energy costs at a manageable level. Given the events of the past year, the company understands that many will be looking to reduce their bills as much as possible. In response to this, they published a blog post on their website that aims to shed light on the practices that can increase energy usage unnecessarily. All are welcome to read the article at their convenience to find out what they can do to reduce energy consumption in their homes.

The company explains, “Having an air conditioner to rely on when the weather gets unbearably hot is always reassuring. However, those appliances are known for also causing a ruckus when it comes to your energy consumption. This is why keeping your AC in tiptop shape is essential, so it will not only keep you cozy come the summer months but also keep your energy consumption down as well. Like it or not, an older air conditioning installation is nowhere near as efficient as a new one, and ensuring it works at its best will save you more money than you might think.”

One of the main aspects to keep in mind, the company says, is that the temperature between the interior and exterior environment should not differ too greatly. This is because the human body is actually quite comfortable at a range of temperatures, and there is no need to drastically turn down the thermostat in order to escape the heat. While each individual has unique preferences and there are exceptions to the rule, most will be satisfied with a temperature that is much higher than they might expect. This is particularly true for when they are not at home — setting the thermostat higher for when the house is empty (if not turning off the system entirely), can prevent a needless waste of energy as the home can still be cooled quickly to the preferred temperature when its occupants return. As the company observes, “This will still keep the comfort level but at the same time, not have as much devastating effect on your wallet when the electricity bill needs to be paid.”

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the temperature during the night is often much more forgiving than it is during the day. As such, a homeowner can rely on nature itself to provide a cooling solution by simply leaving their windows open overnight. This has the added benefit of allowing fresh air to circulate through the home, and a daily habit can ‘refresh’ the home once a day in this manner. Homeowners only have to remember to close the windows in the morning in order to reestablish their house’s insulation and prevent the heat from getting in.

While AC units may appear to be the only solution in the modern world, Air Check Mechanical Service advises their community against underestimating the difference a fan can make in their homes. A traditional ceiling fan can be highly effective in combating the heat, especially in the summer months. While they do not use active cooling solutions, they do support the body's existing cooling methods and are much less energy intensive than AC units. Homeowners need only remember to switch them off when a room is unoccupied.

Finally, the company reminds their community that AC units are complex machines with moving parts. Such devices need regular care and maintenance in order to function at their full efficiency, and neglecting this care can lead to a breakdown that requires costly repairs. The company states, “Regular servicing is the best and only way to ensure that they are running at their optimal levels. Frequent vacuuming can be a lifesaver against dust and dirt buildup. Make sure that furniture and appliances are away from the thermostat. This is especially true if they emit heat as putting them close to the AC will cause your cooling system to work harder, which will only stress it in the process. Try to be more prudent when it comes to using appliances that produce heat.”

In such cases, the best course of action is to contact a professional who can inspect the AC unit in question and ensure it is working as it should be. Fortunately, customers may contact Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service to schedule a visit from an experienced professional. They are also welcome to visit the company’s official website to read the blog post in full or learn more about the company’s full range of services.

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