Air Check Mechanical Service Helps Community Deal With A Leaking AC

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Houston, TX based Air Check Mechanical Service recently published a blog post that aims to teach their community how an AC can develop a leak. The company hopes that this information will help local residents take steps to improve their AC’s longevity or determine when an issue has occurred so it can be repaired promptly by a professional.

As the company notes in the article, a leak is one of the most common issues a homeowner can face if they have an AC unit. Fortunately, the frequency with which this issue occurs is not an indication that it is always a serious problem that an individual would have to panic over. In fact, the company states that a leak can occur even when there is nothing wrong with the unit. On the other hand, some leaks do need to be addressed by a professional, and this is why the company recommends that homeowners in and near the South Houston area get in touch with the experts at Air Check Mechanical Service if they are concerned about their AC.

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“Inside an air conditioning unit is an evaporator coil,” states the article. “It is designed for cooling the warm air blowing over it. This process naturally causes moisture to build up. This moisture then drips and is caught by the drain pan. The water accumulated here will then get pumped out of your home through the condensate drain line.” While a leak can occur for seemingly no reason at all, they may also be a sign that one of these components was either installed incorrectly or suffered damage over time. However, a leak can occur without damage if the AC unit is used in an attempt to cool the house’s interior when the outside environment is already quite cool.

A dirty air filter is among the most common reasons for a leak, as they need to be cleaned on a regular basis (or replaced). If this is not done at least once every 1-3 months, the unit may work less efficiently, begin blowing more dust or even experience an air blockage. In time, the AC will get worse and worse at keeping the space cool, but homeowners are cautioned that it can also lead to the evaporator coil getting frozen over. When this ice melts, the drain pan can overflow, in turn leading to a leak. Similarly, a rusted or damaged drain pan can produce a leak. The only solution in this case, however, is to replace the drain pan as soon as possible because the leak will not stop on its own. As many may be aware, water damage can cause serious havoc to a home. The full blog post offers even more insight on what can cause a leak, and homeowners are welcome to look up the article on the company’s website to read at their leisure.

Reviews posted online about the company’s work serve to illustrate how committed they are to delivering a great customer experience alongside unparalleled service. Air Check Mechanical Service boasts a full 5-Star rating on the Google platform alone, with many customers heaping praise on their staff for their conduct as well as their technical expertise and how quickly they can get a job done when called upon for assistance.

As one review from Ashley Akins shares, “Mr. Donald was very kind and helpful during his visit. He answered any questions we had regarding our ac/heating unit, and even gave us a little education regarding the different kinds of things that can cause the unit to break down or act a little funny. He was on time, professional and worked efficiently! I would recommend his services to anyone in need of hvac work done. He has the experience, and is more than qualified to handle any issues you may have!”

According to the company, merely being an expert in the field is not enough. A professional who delivers such services must also be able to work with customers and keep them informed of progress as much as possible. This builds trust between the technician and the customer, the company explains, which is vital to ensuring a job is done right the first time around. Customers who trust their provider are much more likely to explain the scope of the issues they have noticed in full. On the other hand, they would also be more comfortable giving the technician room to work efficiently if they feel accommodated.

This is why homeowners are recommended to call Air Check Mechanical Service the moment they notice any issues with their AC unit. The company will be happy to stop by and inspect it quickly for signs of damage, following which they may provide a solution for the problem at hand (if one exists).

Customers may contact Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service to follow up on any further inquiries. Additional information can be found on the company’s website as well.

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