Minnesota Retail Real Estate Appraiset Prepares for Increased Demand as the Retail Market Starts to Recover

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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, a company based in Roseville, MN, predicts that the retail real estate market is starting to take shape, assuming that the Delta variant and other subsequent variants of the coronavirus can be contained. Because of the negative impact of the pandemic on the real estate market, they also forecast that there will be a need for professional appraisals from a provider with an ear to the ground. Their clients can take advantage of the experience of the professional appraisers of the company with an appraisal that can stand up in court. That is how a professional retail real estate appraisal company can keep clients out of legal trouble.

The primary external drivers for the retail real estate market include demographics, wages and rising debt, e-commerce, tax reform, rental vacancy, corporate governance, and yield on 10-year Treasury notes. Retail real estate is a vital component of the US economy because it includes businesses that build, lease, manage, sell, and buy properties for the whole retail real estate space. Landlords are looking to shift from the conventional retail space to more entertainment-based venues. These include restaurants, supermarkets, fitness and recreation centers (including amusement parks, ice rinks, water parks, etc.), theaters, hotels, office space, and restaurant/entertainment hybrids.

Clark Goset, real estate appraiser and owner of the company, says, “When you employ our services, you can count on receiving accurate and legally defensible real property values. We ensure that our work will stand up in court as well as in the market place. That way we spend less time in court, especially when complicated and adversarial interests come into the equation. But we also handle less complicated and contentious work as well, and at reasonable fees.”

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has experience in helping clients with various legal issues, including: estate settlement; easement disputes; stigmatized property condemnation and eminent domain cases; divorce, partnership, marital dissolution, taxation issues etc.; bankruptcy, lean striping etc.; title flaws; litigation support; construction defect, or physical obsolescence; loan underwriting; municipal assessment; insurance disputes; eminent domain takings; estates and probate; relocations; foreclosures; and retrospective appraisals.

They ensure unbiased performance of their services. Nevertheless, they will consult with the client and provide professional advice on the relative strength of an appraisal presented by other parties. They can also provide additional research and analysis to discredit or support certain assumptions or conclusions. With their experience and proven track record they are capable of handling any kind of appraisal task and their appraisal values are assured to stand up under the most severe analysis.

They have experience in residential and multi-family appraisal services, ranging from smaller city properties to the much more complex multi-million dollar properties that are situated on Lake Minnetonka. They have also experienced appraising estates holding one or more properties. Residential properties, including relocation properties, make up approximately 30 percent of their total annual project list.

They also have experience in doing hundreds of commercial and industrial property appraisals in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and around Minnesota. With their knowledge and experience, they are ready to provide the appraisal needs of the retail real estate market. Their range of work frequently consists of the following: office buildings; corporate & industrial; heavy & light industrial; manufacturing facilities; office/warehouse; office/shop; parks; public & private projects; shopping malls; hotels/motels; destination resorts; auto service stations; auto dealerships; restaurants; golf courses; marinas; developable land; partial entitlements; multi-family projects; retirement & nursing; homes; agricultural lands; and government buildings.

This means that they are ready to handle the needs for retail real estate appraisals. Retail real estate consists of commercial establishments that build and develop properties designed for shopping and entertainment. This category includes shopping malls, florists, clothing shops, and many more. The retail sector offers services that include renting, leasing, buying and selling, and managing retail real estate.

Those who need the services of a commercial real estate appraiser can visit the Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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