Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Company is Noticing a Lot of Activity Focused on Multi Family Property Appraisals

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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services is a Minneapolis and St Paul area company that has been specializing in providing businesses, investors, and homeowners with accurate professional real estate appraisals for over 40-years now. This company is so detailed oriented with its work, that they even stand behind their appraisals' ability to hold up in court. It’s also a company that makes it their business to stay in touch with recent real estate investment and appraisal trends in its area. That’s why this company would like to bring to its clients' attention that they have noticed a surge in appraisal requests for multi-family buildings.

The head independent appraiser at the company, Clark Goset, says, “We here at our appraisal service are blessed with a lot of depth of experience. Our staff uses that knowledge to stay in touch with the current real estate market trends in our area. That’s why we wanted to let our clients know that we have seen a current market trend where new multi-family dwelling construction has not been able to keep up with the rental demand for apartments and similar type living spaces. When this happens, investors will then shop for existing multi-family properties that they can use to take advantage of the void in available rental units. In such a ‘hot’ market, you definitely want to get accurate property appraisals that reflect the current market in the emerging post-pandemic world. This is something that we here at Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services specialize in.”

Goset went on to talk about why it’s so important for those in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas to get an accurate multi-dwelling property appraisal. Much of this has to do with the fact that investors play such a big role in the acquisition of these types of real estate properties. To make these deals work, investors rely on the accuracy of an appraisal to ensure that they are able to get a proper return on their investment. He noted that if a large error is made when appraising a multi-unit dwelling, this can swing that deal from one that looked like it was going to return a decent profit to one that an investor must now chalk up as a loss. This is something that can also severely hurt the future business of those that are leading the effort to acquire a multi-family dwelling. That’s why using a trusted and experienced Minnesota real estate appraiser such as them is so important when it comes to getting multi-unit dwellings or any other type of property appraised.

The company’s head independent appraiser also discussed what type of documentation that they can provide for property owners, investors, and other interested parties once they have completed multi-family property appraisals for them. This includes two valuable written (narrative) reports which are complete, self-contained reports and much less detailed summary reports. He added that they are also very familiar with filling out the many different supporting report forms that are related to multi-family dwelling appraisals. This includes the Residential Income - Multiple Family (1025) report. An appraisal form that is specifically related to income-generating type properties. It’s a report that offers much value to lenders, investors, property owners, and others that are involved in the potential acquisition or refinancing of a multi-family dwelling.

Clients that have used this reputable company’s multi-family appraisal services have been very satisfied with the results. Clive Bailey stated in his 5-star review, “Excellent work on my multi-unit building. I really appreciated the extra effort it took to include the value of the excess land available.” Goset stated that he feels they generate this type of praise for their multi-family dwelling appraisals because accuracy and integrity are at the heart of all of their services. It’s something that everyone at the company prides themselves on and insists upon as they go about performing their appraisal services.

Those that would like more information on the services that this Minnesota Property Appraiser provides can call them, send them an email, or refer to their website.

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