Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services Offers Commercial and Industrial Property Valuation

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Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, a residential, commercial and industrial appraiser company that is based in Roseville, MN, wants to emphasize that they specialize in industrial, commercial, and land valuations that many traditional residential appraisers are not well-equipped to handle properly. They are court certified to handle complex cases and unique single-user properties, including warehouse facilities and industrial plants. It is important to note that while tools such as computing the appropriate net present value are an essential component of investment analysis, the distinctive aspects of many industrial properties necessitate the experience of professionals who are capable of taking into account functional obsolescence and other related factors that can complicate their valuation.

Clark Goset, real estate appraiser and owner of the company, says, “We have performed hundreds of commercial and industrial property appraisals in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area and around Minnesota. With our Industrial Real Estate Appraiser knowledge and experience, we can meet any of your appraisal needs with the utmost attention to quality of service and timeliness.”

The range of work that the industrial property appraisal services they provide include but is not limited to: office buildings, corporate and industrial, heavy and light industrial, manufacturing facilities, office/warehouse, office/shop, parks, public and private projects, shopping malls, hotels/motels, destination resorts, auto service stations, auto dealerships, restaurants, golf courses, marinas, developable land, partial entitlements, multi-family projects, retirement and nursing, homes, agricultural lands, and government buildings.

The document provided by the industrial property appraiser is a carefully documented and defensible opinion of value. This is typically derived by evaluating the three generally accepted methods of valuation, which are the income approach, sales comparison approach, and cost approach. This type of appraisal can only be performed by a certified, general real estate appraiser who is licensed for the state where the property is located, which in this case is Minnesota.

In making the appraisal, the appraiser has to examine several factors depending on the client’s requirements, scope of work, use, property type, and user of the appraisal. In general, an appraisal will present a description of the property including the site and buildings, an overview of the present economic conditions and market area, an analysis of the highest and best use of the property, and an in-depth analysis of the valuation from the approaches employed in the appraisal.

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has over 40 years of experience in offering appraisal services in Minnesota. They can operate practically for the entire state and provide appraisals for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They have established a proven track record of assuredness, impartiality, and objectivity, with regards to appraisal fundamentals. They have a comprehensive understanding of the current real estate market and the professional expertise that is required for all appraisal needs. They are licensed and certified in real estate appraisal and valuation and they can also serve as expert witnesses for local, state and federal court hearings. They are committed to offering professional, timely, and accurate appraisals.

Clark Goset, the owner of Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, has been an independent real estate appraiser serving the Twin Cities Metropolitan market area since 1983. He has currently a portfolio of more than 10,000 fee appraisals and his client list has over 300 attorney, local financial companies, and #4002042 relocation companies. In addition, he is a certified real estate valuation expert witness for county, state, and federal courts. Clark Goset obtained his BS degree from the School of Business of the University of Hawaii in 1971. He had worked as a realtor in the Twin Cities area for several years before becoming an independent real estate appraiser. He is a certified general real property appraiser for all kinds of real estate.

Those who would like to know more about the real estate appraiser services can visit the Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services website at, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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About Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services :

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services offers it’s 40+ years of Commercial, Industrial, Land, Legal and Multi-Family Residential Appraisal Expertise for your project. We are Real Estate Appraisers you can trust.

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