ACMS: When Air Conditioning Replacement Is Necessary

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Houston, TX based Air Check Mechanical Service recently published a blog post titled ‘Is Your Air Conditioning System Summer-Ready?’ The blog post talks about whether or not it may be necessary to replace an air conditioning system. The company acknowledges that most people tend to take a working air conditioner for granted. By laying out some of the ways in which homeowners can tell if their air conditioning system needs repairs, the blog post helps ensure that they are fully prepared for the changing seasons all year round.

Checking for air leaks is one of the most important things to do when trying to determine whether an air conditioner is in good working condition. The blog post says, “Air leaks in your rooms can be difficult to locate because they can be quite unnoticeable. Seals and connections that have experienced wear and tear through the years can cause these leaks practically invisible to the naked eye. Watermarks on the ceiling may also appear because your system apparently has holes and leaks. You can do some DIY snooping by using soapy water to see if there are bubbles on your windows that indicate air leaks. Otherwise, have air conditioning repair is to help you in detecting air leaks and in applying remedies to this concern.”

The post also advises AC owners to check condensate lines and pipe insulation. While HVAC professionals are divided when it comes to whether or not it is necessary to insulate all pipes, deposits do tend to accumulate in HVAC system pipes which can seriously affect their efficiency. This is especially true for forced air systems which require condensate lines that drain properly in order to function efficiently.

Air Check Mechanical Service’s blog post talks about air vents and the possible need for occasional adjustment. “Indoor air vents that are not positioned properly may contribute to abnormal levels of heat loss,” the blog post says. “If something is blocking your air vent, your indoor air will not be sufficiently cooled in the areas where it needs to be cool. Clogged air vents also cause your unit to be stressed as the temperature you’ve set in the thermostat will not be met easily. So there, prepare for a rise in your electric bill if you don’t address this air vent positioning issue ASAP.”

A room with a clogged air duct may struggle to reach the temperature set by the user, and this means the HVAC system will have to work twice as hard to cool or warm it as needed which in turn leads to very high monthly utility bills. This can also affect the lifespan of an air conditioning system.

Air Check Mechanical Service offers a number of services that can keep an HVAC system up and running. As a local family owned business, the company goes to great lengths to ensure that every Houston resident receives the very best HVAC service. They put customer satisfaction first, and with a team of trained and certified technicians equipped with the latest technologies, provide reliable, quality service. The company was established in the 2000s and has worked on a variety of complex projects over the past two decades.

A number of customers have left excellent reviews of the company on various platforms. Sara says, “I made a call around 4:45 pm hoping I can get an appointment by the weekend. Mr. Donald answered and I explained the issue. He stated that he could come by within an hour. We agreed and he was there on time. Our AC was fixed, and it feels so good inside our home. Nice and cool. Mr. Donald was prompt, kind and courteous. What impressed us the most is the service is how he explained what he was doing and made recommendations. Definitely will recommend his business.”

Bethany adds in their own 5-Star review, “I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the service I received from Donald at Aircheck. We had to replace our AC, and he was very patient with us as we made our decision. If you need any help with your AC, you will get honest, fair and personal service at Aircheck.”

Find out more about the company on their website. Customers may contact Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service to follow up on any further inquiries as well.

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