Air Check Mechanical Services Helps Homeowners Deal With Air Conditioning Problems

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Houston, TX based Air Check Mechanical Service recently published a blog post that aims to help homeowners deal with one common air conditioning problem: a hefty electricity bill. As summer is fast approaching, AC units across the region will have their thermostats lowered considerably in an effort to beat the heat. Some units may even be powered up for the first time in months. As a result, the company’s advice may help many stay comfortable while avoiding exorbitant bills.

“We are already at the tail end of spring,” observes the company. “This means that it will really not be long before sunglasses, sleeveless shirts, and shorts will be in fashion once again. But since we will not really be going out and about just about everywhere this year, one trend that we will surely experience as the warm weather slowly comes is using our air conditioners once again.”

The trick to both beating the heat and ensuring that bills do not become too extravagant is to find and maintain a ‘sweet spot’ that is just comfortable enough. AC users may be tempted to adjust their thermostats as low as possible, the company acknowledges, but this is not really necessary for most people as they can still relax in mild temperatures (as opposed to making a house’s internal environment feel like the middle of winter).

According to Air Check Mechanical Service, the Department of Energy recommends that temperatures be set to 78F. A homeowner can try this as a starting point, following which some trial and error can help them discover the right setting if this temperature does not suit them. The company recommends waiting for three minutes after setting the thermostat, following which it can be adjusted one degree lower if needed. Assuming this still is not cool enough, the thermostat can be reduced by one degree every three minutes until the temperature feels just right. The main action to avoid is going for the coldest temperature right off the bat since that is a great way to get high electricity bills.

Normally, this would be where the company reminds their community to either set the temperature higher or turn off the AC completely when they leave the house. Given that current circumstances prevent most people from leaving their homes for the time being for anything other than essential services, the company says that energy savings can still be implemented if the temperature is raised in certain rooms (if they are unused for extended periods). During the day, for instance, many will remain confined to the living room or whichever room they are using as their home office as they work remotely. This means that only the space they occupy needs to be climate-controlled. The rest of the house does not. Those who have central air would also be able to use a programmable thermostats to take advantage of this advice.

Moreover, people should remember that AC units are not the only way to keep cool. The company states, “Give your AC a break, especially during the evenings, by switching to using a fan when you and the family are going to sleep. This is another advantage of a programmable thermostat because you can program it to a money-saving setting. For example, if your bedtime is midnight, program your AC to run until 2 in the morning, then your fan will still be running while the AC is already automatically switched off. Besides, with COVID19 already discovered to also be airborne, then it would be great for your house to have great air circulation and flow with your windows open and your fan on. You also have the option of using the fan mode for your HVAC system during non-peak times.”

The final bit of advice the company offers is to ensure the AC undergoes a regular maintenance check so there is no need for unnecessary AC replacement. Given how complex AC units can be, preventative maintenance can resolve minor issues and keep them functioning as intended as well as improve their longevity. Furthermore, an AC that is not working as efficiently as designed will need to consume more power to produce the same results, catching homeowners in a loop of continually setting the thermostat even lower in an attempt to get as comfortable as they are used to. Here, however, it is deeply recommended that homeowners use a professional service to maintain their ACs as only an expert can identify everything that may be wrong with it as well as implement any fixes.

Customers are welcome to contact Donald Compton of Air Check Mechanical Service to schedule a maintenance visit from one of their expert technicians. A full breakdown of the company’s services can also be found on their official website.

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