Air Conditioning Repair Service Publishes New Post On HVAC System Maintenance

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Air Check Mechanical Service, an HVAC service company serving the Houston Texas metropolitan area, has published a new blog post at its website discussing the importance of regular HVAC system maintenance. AC maintenance plans are a key service offered by Air Check, and are helpful to homeowners for a variety of reasons.

While virtually all HVAC companies in the industry will typically offer some kind of maintenance agreement in order to help home and business owners to keep their AC and furnace running smoothly, the service is far from an automatic for most people. Often, it is seen as an additional, unnecessary cost for folks, a misnomer that can be expensive in the long run.

"Looking at a maintenance agreement, particularly when you have had a recent AC installation, is really about ensuring that your original investment in a system is protected," said Donald Compton, owner and spokesperson for Air Check Mechanical Service. "Looking at it on a big picture level, it's always better to spend a little money to guarantee your HVAC system is well maintained, as opposed to spending a lot of money to replace it sooner than necessary."

The post references air filters, one of the key points in any maintenance situation. While any homeowner can easily replace an HVAC filter, it is a task that is often forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While manufacturers tend to recommend changing the HVAC air filter every 90 days, this schedule is rarely adhered to by homeowners. Often, then, a biannual visit from a licensed HVAC technician can help busy homeowners avoid serious damage to their HVAC system because generally any visit includes a filter change.

"People have busy lives, and despite the incredible heat and humidity in Houston, they tend to take their central air conditioning systems for granted," said Compton. "We often act as a fail safe for things like filter changes, which saves the customer a lot of time and reminds them that their system is key to keeping their home as comfortable as possible."

An additional part of any professional maintenance check includes examining ductwork for any issues. According to the post, solid ductwork is critical to an efficient HVAC system, and is often overlooked by homeowners. While air filters do pick up a variety of dirt in the system, they are not completely perfect, and oftentimes ducts can become obstructed. A licensed professional will be able to determine if there are any issues and suggest solutions.

"Examining what is happening in the ductwork of a home can tell a lot about any potential dangers down the line," said Compton. "Things like dampness or mold can build quickly in an un-maintained system, and licensed technicians can spot these things very quickly."

Another point the article addresses is thermostats. While many home and business owners run older, manual thermostats, recent technology improvements have meant that programmable thermostats are a truly valuable addition to any building. While the units may be more expensive than their older, manual competitors, the value is in their precision.

"Programmable thermostats are well worth the investment for most folks mainly because of the precise degree of control they provide," said Compton. "A lot of these new thermostats even allow you to set your house temperature wherever you can get a telephone signal, which means that a cost-conscious homeowner can easily save hundreds of dollars a year simply by limiting their HVAC system's operation."

Air Check Mechanical Service recommends all Houston homeowners consider having their AC checked by a professional, particularly if the homeowner cannot remember the last time such a service was performed. The peace of mind is worth the cost.

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