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Air Check Mechanical Service Publishes New Blog Post On Ductwork

May 07, 2021
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Air Check Mechanical Service, an air conditioner service located in the South Acres/Crestmont Park area that services all of Houston, has published a new blog post on its website about ductwork. Although far from what someone might call a "common air conditioning problem", improperly designed or installed ductwork can prove to be quite detrimental to a comfortable home in all seasons.

The unusual point about HVAC ductwork in a home or business is that it can be installed quite incorrectly, and the HVAC system can still function quite well, albeit with limited efficiency. But there are always lingering symptoms of poor ductwork design, such as cold and hot spots, as well as higher energy bills than comparable buildings.

"While incorrectly installed ductwork tends to be relatively rare, when it does show itself it tends to be fairly obvious to a professional HVAC tech," said Donald Compton, owner and spokesperson for Air Check Mechanical Service. "When ductwork is wrong, it affects the entire system and can make for a lot of problems keeping a building cool or warm."

Typical AC maintenance checks will uncover most problems with ductwork, especially when it comes to leaks. Leaks can develop in ductwork over time as seals break apart or cracks occur due to age. Another key loss of temperature control, according to the article, is when unconditioned areas of a space feature non-insulated ducts. These items can add up over time, creating a situation where air conditioners are running inefficiently, and also adding wear and tear.

When a poorly designed ductwork system is discovered in a building, it is typically the fault of the original installer. Unlicensed HVAC contractors are a constant in the business throughout the country, and while their prices may appear low initially, the costs over the long term can be monstrous.

"With the economy the way it is, everyone is looking for a deal, and that tends to include HVAC services," said Compton. "The problem with dealing with unlicensed contractors when it comes to AC installation is that it initially looks like a great deal, but it is not. Once a few months or a year pass, the homeowner often discovers that the system was incorrectly or shoddily installed, and the costs to repair easily eclipse those initial savings. It just isn't worth it."

If a homeowner discovers cracked or warped ductwork, it is always good to get in touch with a licensed HVAC professional. While broken ductwork can often be sealed in a do it yourself style, a licensed HVAC contractor will not only be able to ensure the ductwork repair is correct, but that other issues do not exist that could pop up down the line.

Air Check Mechanical Service customers that sign up for a maintenance agreement rarely have ductwork problems, mainly because a twice yearly professional visit is part of the deal. One of the best times for these maintenance appointments is during the spring time, when emergency AC repair calls are not as common. An AC maintenance check in the springtime virtually guarantees comfort and peace of mind throughout the summer, and greatly lessens the need for an emergency call when the temperatures in South Houston get high.

Not all homes feature ductwork, of course, and a recent trend towards ductless air conditioners has become quite popular. Air Check Mechanical Service also repairs and offers maintenance agreements for these units, and can help install such a system if a homeowner feels it is a requirement. All that is needed is to contact Air Check Mechanical Service either through their website, or by their telephone number.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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