Air Check Mechanical Service Publishes New Blog Post On AC Maintenance Check Requirements

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Houston, TX based HVAC company Air Check Mechanical Service has published a new blog post about the importance of AC maintenance checks as the summer season is beginning. Summer is by far the most difficult season for HVAC components, as continual high temperatures can stretch the usage and wear and tear on most central air conditioners to the limit. A consumer that understands the condition of their home's HVAC system before the hot weather arrives is always in a much better place as the summer goes on.

The post references a few key clues for homeowners that will ensure a solid running AC throughout the year. The first of note is the AC unit's fans, which are the most important part of the system. A malfunctioning fan within the AC unit can mean lost efficiency or even a non working unit. Too much accumulated dirt, worn parts or other issues can greatly affect the longevity of a central air conditioner, which can be quite expensive to replace.

"A really good sign that a central air conditioner should be given a professional AC check is when the homeowner can't actually remember the last time they had their HVAC serviced," said Donald Compton, owner and spokesperson with Air Check Mechanical Service. "While that may seem like the most obvious HVAC statement of the year, it's always surprising to discover how many folks really don't know the state and condition that their AC system is in!"

The post also references ductwork, which while often overlooked, is sometimes a real problem for homeowners experiencing warm or cold spots throughout the home. Blocked or leaking ducts can create additional stress on HVAC components, as well as affect the performance of the HVAC system in general. While leaking air ducts are not a common issue, they can be caused by rodents within the building, or even shoddy initial installation work.

Thermostat issues can also offer keys to HVAC system loss of performance, particularly as most experts recommend replacing these components at least once every 10 years. Homeowners with older systems should be warned that thermostats do tend to wear out. However, one of the bonuses of replacing a thermostat is that newer technology available today can provide serious energy savings.

"Newer thermostats can offer real long term utility savings, partially because they are programmable, but mainly because today's units tend to learn the habits and routines of the homeowner," said Compton. "This means that the HVAC system can be controlled on an extremely efficient basis, which greatly lessen wasteful heating or cooling."

Another issue that homeowners may not necessarily notice with their air conditioner is the potential of a drain line blockage. As the post notes, throughout the year rain and storms can create conditions for debris such as leaves or dirt to block the unit's drain line. While a blocked drain line definitely does take a period of time to occur, this is a problem that will always be noticed and corrected immediately by skilled HVAC contractors like Air Check Mechanical Service.

"One of the most interesting things about HVAC is that many homeowners tend to take their home's heating and cooling functions for granted," said Compton. "Smart homeowners recognize that every home's HVAC system is a major investment not only for the home, but for overall comfort. Ensuring a professional air conditioning service has inspected the unit at least once per year is the best way to virtually guarantee a comfortable home all year round."

Houston homeowners looking to sign up for an AC maintenance program should get in touch with Air Check Mechanical Service via telephone, or consult the company's website.

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