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Backyard Bug Patrol Adds Snake Control to Its Rodent Control Program

April 19, 2021
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Great Falls, Virginia -

Backyard Bug Patrol, a comprehensive pest control services company based in Great Falls, VA, is happy to announce that they have recently added snake control to their Rodent Control Program. This service is appropriate for homeowners and other property owners who have been having problems with snakes in their property. The pest control company can place in the yard a natural but effective snake repelling product designed to drive away those snakes. They want to remind people that despite the possibility that snakes can drive away rodents, sometimes it is a good idea to keep either of these pests away from the home or property. Those who want to know more about this service can visit their website or Facebook page.

For rodents, they utilize commercial bait boxes that are positioned around the perimeter of the home, hidden if possible. The strategy is to provide the treatment for the rodents outside of the home to ensure that homeowners need not worry about them getting inside.

John Mitchell, a spokesperson for Backyard Bug Patrol, says, “Our Perimeter Rodent Control is an exterior rodent control method that protects your house from mice and rats by preventing them from entering your home by placing outdoor rodent control bait station boxes around the perimeter walls. Each bait station box contains a block of ‘delicious’ rodent food which the rodents take back to their nest which helps to eliminate their population. For the past ten years we have been treating shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes for rodents. We provide and manage those ‘black boxes’ that you see around properties and now we have formulated a program for our residential customers.”

Their Perimeter Rodent Program is an exterior rodent control approach designed to protect the home from rats and mice by placing outdoor rodent control bait station boxes surrounding the perimeter walls. The bait stations are positioned strategically around the home and are hidden, whenever possible. They could be placed in the garden, hidden in shrubs and positioned close to the foundation.

And for complete protection, Backyard Bug Patrol recommends that people use a combination of their Perimeter Rodent and Snake Control with their Tick Tunnels. Tick tunnels can help prevent Lyme disease by eradicating deer ticks, which carry the bacteria that cause the illness. These are biodegradable and recycled cardboard tubes that have been filled with cotton balls that have been treated with their tick control solution.

Tick tunnels work by luring the white footed mouse and other rodents to get inside the tube and take the cotton balls and bring them back to their den. This strategy is based on the observation that the deer tick, in one of the phases of its life cycle, lives with the white footed mouse and other rodents. The cotton balls brought home by the rodents will eradicate the deer ticks but will not harm the rodents. What Backyard Bug Patrol does is place the tick tunnels around the yard at regular intervals. Two treatments are typically provided each year: one during the spring or summer and the other during the fall.

It should be noted that Backyard Bug Patrol also offers green indoor pest control for various kinds of pests, such as ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, fleas, roaches, and more. They use an organic solution that works with a wide range of pests. Once a year, they will send a technician to the home or property and conduct an inspection of the interior of the home. Whenever there is an indication of the presence of pests, the technician will use the 100 percent organic and green solution to preventatively treat areas in the home where the pests are usually active, such as behind the dishwasher and refrigerator.

Homeowners and other property owners who would like to know more about the rodent control and snake control services offered by Backyard Bug Patrol can visit their website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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