Air Check Mechanical Service Launches New Wordpress Blog

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Air Check Mechanical Service, a South Houston, Texas air conditioning repair service, has launched a new blog at in order to keep its customers well informed about the world of heating and cooling. As the heating repair-focused portion of the season is swiftly passing by, Houston HVAC customers are beginning to look at AC options for the summer ahead.

The blog, located at: aims to provide homeowners and business owners with tips and tricks surrounding their HVAC systems. One of the key reasons that so many folks seek out AC unit repair in the summer tends to be because maintenance was ignored or simply forgotten about. The Wordpress platform offers an excellent platform for Air Check to keep its customers well informed about the importance of maintenance.

AC repair services tend to get the lion's share of their customer calls during the hot summer months, when high outdoor temperatures mean the demand for cool air conditioned comfort is at its highest. This is why Air Check Mechanical Service recommends that all customers consider a maintenance agreement to ensure they don't end up with a failed AC unit right when the heat is the most intense.

"The best way to look at an air conditioning maintenance agreement is as an insurance policy that helps you every time a technician does a check up," said Donald Compton, spokesperson for Air Check Mechanical Service. "Without one, you may be subject to one of the worst things that can happen in the middle of summer in Houston - a failed central air conditioner."

Although AC units tend to be running a little less in April, the experts at Air Check recommend running your air conditioner early and often before the much higher temperatures arrive. Simple things, such as an AC unit leaking water or not blowing cold air, can be easily detected and dealt with today, as opposed to in the middle of the summer, when AC repair services tend to be absolutely slammed, and it can be tough to find replacements.

As is the case with many HVAC service companies, Air Check Mechanical Service recommends a professional pre-summer AC inspection as this is the final month of the winter season before it becomes difficult to schedule a technician immediately and on demand.

"One of the things they do not tell you in the HVAC repair industry is that the time of the year matters greatly when it comes to the affordability of service," said Compton. "In spring, you are more likely to receive a discount and/or receive almost immediate service, whereas once we shift into the July/August area, it gets a little tougher to schedule in appointments."

Regardless of the season, Air Check Mechanical Service focuses on providing effective, affordable air conditioning repair and installation, and does offer a discount to new customers, as well as veterans and seniors. The company also notes that if a customer had any difficulties at all with furnace or heating issues during the winter, now is an excellent time for an inspection. Ensuring that a homeowner heating issue is corrected now can help stave off an expensive surprise next fall.

"When it comes to keeping your family comfortable throughout the summer, planning ahead is always the best approach to HVAC issues," said Compton. "It's always better to know that no matter the weather conditions, your home and place of business are covered and comfort is at its highest."

Customers in search of a quality AC contractor in the South Houston area should feel free to contact the company either via telephone or through their website. Summer is coming soon, and Air Check Mechanical Service is here to help Houston stay cool.

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