Coventry Invisalign Invisible Orthodontist Braces Offer At Light Lane Dental During Lockdown

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Coventry-based Light Lane Dental Practice is widely known for the many smile-enhancing general and cosmetic dentistry treatments that they offer. Among the most popular of which is their Invisalign braces. They provide all of the same benefits as metal braces but they do it in a much less obvious way. Treatments such as their Invisalign braces are still being offered under the current lockdown but with strict Covid-19 protocols being put in place. This dental practice even offers bundled treatment packages that center around their Invisalign braces that will save a patient some money. An example of this is those that take advantage of a current offer that combines Invisalign braces with their popular teeth-whitening treatments. More on this Invisalign offer Coventry can be seen in a recent press release.

A representative of Light Lane Dental Practice, Sharon Ashton, says, “A person’s smile is often the first thing that another person notices about them. For that matter, it’s also the first thing that most people see when they look in the mirror in the morning. That’s why people that have issues with the way that they smile should take action to change their smile. We have many options for that here at Light Lane Dental Practice and that includes our popular Invisalign braces. This nearly invisible way to correct teeth alignment issues allows wearers to address their smile concerns without directing unwanted attention to their mouths. These hard to see orthodontic devices have proven to be very beneficial for teens, adults, and even businessmen that want to correct any problems that they have with the alignment of their teeth."

Light Lane Dental Practice

According to Ashton, not everyone can get Invisalign braces for their specific dental condition but as a general rule, it can help almost anyone with correctable teeth alignment problems such as crowded teeth, an overbite, an underbite, crossbite, teeth gaps, or an open bite. The initial consultation and subsequent exam will help to determine a patient’s eligibility for this treatment. She then went on to mention, that once it has been decided that Invisalign braces are right for a patient, they will then plan a course of action that has the best chance to correct a patient’s teeth alignment issues. It was also stated that at Light Lane Dental Practice this does not include making a mold of a person’s mouth like is done with more traditional metal braces. Instead, they use advanced digital imaging technology to plan how to best reshape a patient’s smile. From this digital imaging plan, those at the clinic will then prepare special ‘Invisalign aligners’ for each stage of the plan. Each of these aligners must be worn for 20-hours a day for two weeks. More on exactly how the Invisalign dental treatments work can be seen here at

Ashton also mentioned that as a virus precaution, they are letting those that are interested in getting more information on Invisalign braces schedule a virtual consultation with them. She says that these virtual consultations supply the same useful information on Invisalign treatments without adding to the risk of catching the virus. It’s just one of the many operating procedures that Light Lane Dental Practice has put into place to keep their patients safe during the ongoing pandemic while still being able to provide them with their essential dental needs.

Whether their patients are receiving Invisalign braces or any other treatments, they often express their satisfaction with this dental practice’s services. Yvonne Gossage wrote, “I've been using this dental practice for many years and have always been highly satisfied and confident that I've received the best treatment as required. I receive NHS treatment, it's always easy to get an appointment, and the appointments always run on time. Everybody is friendly.” Nina Mugisha stated, “I was impressed with the level of care given to my son by his dentist Shefali Patel. Because of that, I will always recommend this dental practice.”

More information on the general and cosmetic dentistry services that Light Lane Dental Practice offers can be seen on their website or read about in press releases such as this one at that details how Invisalign braces can be obtained for a relatively low cost.

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