Coventry Invisalign Dentist Offers Affordable Treatment With Teeth Whitening

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Light Lane Dental Surgery Coventry

Light Lane Dental Practice, based near Radford, Coventry, is reaching out to the community to highlight the availability of their affordable Invisalign treatments. The local dental surgery continues their efforts to make orthodontic treatments accessible to the entire community, reducing their worries and concerns about the high prices that these procedures are commonly associated with.

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Invisalign is an alternative to the traditional all-metal brace solutions, providing similar or better results with a more discreet solution. Invisalign treatment has gained popularity over the years among patients who need orthodontic devices to correct the alignment of their teeth, though this solution is not usually known for being the most accessible. The high cost of these procedures often turns patients away, as making a significant financial investment of this magnitude may not be viable for young adults and teenagers—even though it is usually the option they most prefer.

Knowing how important these dental procedures are for people, Light Lane Dental Practice assures the community that they are committed to making Invisalign more accessible without compromising on quality or any other aspects. Dr. Chetan Mathias, the lead dentist at the dental practice, says, "I have seen what happens when a patient cannot afford their dental treatment. It has an impact on their health, their morale, and their self-esteem, causing insecurities that worsen over time. In light of this, I have committed myself to making orthodontic treatment more affordable to the communities we serve, as I believe that veryone should have the opportunity to have good oral health. For this reason, we provide an affordable interest-free monthly payment plan for our patients. We provide this with a leading credit provider."

A large number of patients seeking Invisalign also prefer to have a teeth-whitening treatment done as well. Light Lane Dental Practice offers an affordable package including both of the dental treatments.

As the name suggests, Invisalign is fundamentally a teeth-straightening treatment that uses invisible aligners, made of translucent material that is difficult to notice when worn. These are custom-made to fit the patient's teeth, with the purpose of gradually moving the position of the teeth until they reach the desired alignment. The main difference of this solution, compared to regular braces (aside from their appearance), is that they are replaced every two weeks at first, and then more sporadically as the treatment progresses.

More information on the treatment process for patients using Invisalign is available here:

One of the main reasons patients continue to prefer Invisalign is the convenience that they offer. Patients can take the Invisalign aligner out of their mouth whenever they want, whether it is to eat, floss, or perform any other activity. Compared to conventional metal braces, which are unremovable, Invisalign reduces the discomfort and inconvenience that a patient encounters during their treatment. It also gives the patient a measure of responsibility over their own dental care as they have to keep their aligners in for a minimum of 20 hours a day for them to be effective.

Light Lane Dental Practice has several success stories for their Invisalign treatment, demonstrating the quality of their patient care as well as their professional approach to their affordable services. They have recently shared a video discussing a patient's experience undergoing Invisalign treatment. In the video, Joshua N. says, "I came to Dr. Bratch recommended by a friend and, as soon as I met him, it was clear that he was a great person. I needed an Invisalign treatment, and the attention he gave me was outstanding. He is a remarkable dentist who gets to know you on a personal level and caters his services according to your needs. He did an amazing job explaining how this process works, and I could see the improvement in my teeth's alignment after each session. Overall, I had a great experience, and I recommend them and Dr. Bratch to anyone."

​The testimonial video with Joshua can be viewed here:

Another of the office's recent customer reviews compliments their peaceful environment and treatment. Karen L. says that the practice employs a, "Cheerful and friendly atmosphere coupled with extremely professional and competent treatment. Particularly recommend one dentist who goes out of their way to explain treatment. A no-fuss dentist who instills confidence and works quickly. Have been a patient at Light Lane for 20 years and would not want to move."

The local dental surgery's website includes more information on the dental treatments that Light Lane Dental provides, including a thorough description of each procedure and an estimate of their cost. Those in need of any dental treatment can reach out to Sharon Ashton, the practice manager, and her staff to learn more or to schedule an appointment at the practice.

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