Commercial Roofing Brampton Company Discusses Why Professional 3rd-Party Roofers are a Better Option than In-House Crews

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Cox Roofing Systems has been satisfying their commercial customers' roofing needs in the Brampton, Ontario area for many years now. That experience has taught them that although in-house roofing crews may be the more affordable option, that does not necessarily mean that they offer the most return for the money a company will spend on their commercial roofing needs. There are several reasons why they feel that when comparing in-house and 3rd-party commercial roofing crews, the wise choice is always going with the 3rd-party contractor. This subject was even the focal point of a recent blog that Cox Roofing Systems published on their website.

The company’s owner, Wayne Cox, says, “Too much of the time when a business needs commercial roofing work done, they look solely at the bottom-line dollar amount of the project instead of what they hope to accomplish with their roofing project. This can lead to them turning to in-house commercial roofing teams to get their needed roofing services done. Unfortunately, much of the time this leads to completed commercial roofing work that does not turn out as good or last as long as it should. We feel so strongly about dedicated professional commercial roofing companies like us always being the best option, that we wrote a new blog explaining why.”

This new Cox Roofing Systems blog post started by saying that the first advantage that 3rd-party commercial roofers such as them offer is that they know how to project accurate deadlines for the completion of the work. Not only that, but they have the experience necessary to adjust to different events on the ground during the project to stay on course to meet that deadline. This is where their experience and versatility that have been gained by repeatedly going through multiple commercial roofing scenarios pay off and offer more advantages than a more stagnant in-house roofing team can.

It was also mentioned in the new blog article that dedicated professional roofing companies bring certified and guaranteed labor with them. Their workers, like those at Cox Roofing, are factory-trained on the roofing products that they use and have the certification to prove this. The roofing know-how that’s gained by this special training simply cannot be matched by an in-house crew that has not applied a specific type of commercial roof coating over and over again. This experience also brings with it factory-backed workmanship guarantees that will not be given by in-house crews.

The new blog this respected commercial roofer posted also talked about 3rd-party commercial roofing companies such as them offering services that are tried-and-proven. This experience tends to lead to top-level results due to superior workmanship. That also translates into a business receiving roofing work that they do not have to repeat the expense of well into the future.

According to the new blog article, 3rd-party roofers also carry much more than minimum insurance requirements with them when they take on a project. Even though mishaps rarely occur with experienced professional roofing companies like them, their contractor-safety insurance gives the businesses they provide roofing work the added peace of mind they need to be comfortable at all times during a project. In the blog, it also mentioned that the extensive list of satisfied client references that a professional commercial roofer can provide simply cannot be overlooked.

Cox went on to say that his company also believes in offering a large variety of commercial roofing options. This is especially true when it comes to their many choices in commercial flat roof coatings. He says their crews are very skilled when it comes to the application of such time-tested business roof coatings as energy-saving Tri Thermal Roofing (TTR®), TPO roof coatings that come with reduced installation costs, and Foam & Coating solutions that can be affordably applied every 5-years.

Businesses that would like more information on the services this commercial roofing in Brampton company offers can get in touch with them by phone, email, or by following the ‘contact us’ link on their website.

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