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Commercial Roofing Provider in Brampton: What You Need to Know About TPO Roofs

July 19, 2021
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Brampton, Ontario-based Cox Roofing Systems is reaching out to the wider community to share a blog post entitled ‘Everything You Should Consider in Using TPO Commercial Roofs.’ Since 1976, the company has been providing reliable roofing services for commercial building owners in Brampton and the surrounding areas.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is an effective single-ply roofing membrane that installs quickly. In addition, it provides buildings with excellent energy-saving capabilities thanks to its naturally light-colored material. While it is true that many property owners would opt for PVC over TPO due to the latter’s cost efficiency, it must be noted that PVC is not a perfect roofing material. In fact, many of the benefits provided by PVC can be found on the much more affordable TPO. On top of this, TPO also gives the benefits of EPDM (a rubber-based roofing material used more prominently in the past) and more.

According to Cox Roofing Systems, one of the main reasons to use TPO is the fact that it is cost-effective. The blog post breaks down the math as follows: “TPO roofs can cost about $5-$7 per square foot during installation. Alternatively, EPDM costs about $3-5 per square foot. You will pay a bit higher for TPO roofs because you’ll enjoy more roofing benefits and improved durability.”

It continues, “A full TPO roof can cost about $7,455 for an average-sized commercial roof. On the other hand, EPDM costs about $7,055 for the same-sized roof. However, TPO’s UV reflective capabilities help prolong its lifespan. Plus, it improves property insulation that drastically drives utility costs down.”

On top of being affordable, TPO also has the benefit of enduring zero mold growth. As any property owner can attest, mold and mildew can be a huge roof-shattering problem because they bring diseases and bacteria with them. While it is true that EPDM rubber roofs prevent mold growth because of their synthetic raw materials, it should be noted that EPDM’s surface dependability easily breaks down in the presence of pooling water.

In fact, many other roofing options for commercial roofs suffer from mold damage when pooled water is introduced. However, TPO has added measures to fight against mold growth. This means that, in the long term, it helps save time and money in performing maintenance and cleaning in addition to ensuring the health and safety of the inhabitants of the building.

Another benefit of TPO is instant adherence, which allows roofers to immediately accomplish a TPO roof installation in less than a week without the need for any special equipment. Furthermore, TPO is also lightweight. Roofing installation teams can swiftly bring the commercial roofing materials and get the job done without the need for scaffolding or a large team. More information can be found in the full Cox Roofing Systems blog post.

Cox Roofing Systems does note that TPO is a continuously improving material and is still undergoing numerous evolutions. Dozens of innovations continue to upgrade TPO’s performance (though there is no centralized certification organization for TPO). Property owners can only count on highly reputable roofers with TPO and single-ply roofing experience. This means that if a property owner is opting for TPO, they need to make sure that they hire a reliable roofing company.

The company goes on to assure that material certification and standardization may be arriving in the near future. The rising use of TPO and continuing material research indicates consistent improvements that will make it a compelling and standardized roofing material. TPO has a higher durability potential than EPDM and PVC roofs because of its innate natural traits, easy installation, and affordable cost.

Wayne Cox, the owner of the company, says, “If you have yet to find a professional TPO installation team, you can always count on us at Cox Roofing Systems to install them for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.”

Those looking for commercial roofing in Brampton or who simply want to learn more about Cox Roofing Systems and their services are welcome to visit the company's website to get started. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Wayne Cox directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Cox Roofing Systems maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media, and communicate with their customers.

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