Decatur Chiropractic Clinic Goes Extra Mile To Ensure Proper Care for Patients

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Decatur, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic of Decatur, GA, recently received a five-star review for going above and beyond to help a patient receive proper care. The Decatur Chiropractor at the clinic creates personalized protocols and treats patients in an ambiance of assurance, comfort, and compassion. The latest review adds to over 500 positive reviews for their Decatur location, which has a 4.9/5 score on its Google page.

In their review posted, Kenneth Harden, Jr. writes, "The staff is phenomenal and with a high level of positive energy, from the receptionist to the doctor." They go on to say that the chiropractic clinic "has been going above and beyond to make sure that I receive proper care for my medical situation." Talking about their ongoing treatment, they mention, "I have only been coming here for almost two weeks and I have nothing but a caring and joyful experience."

Highlighting the admiration of their services in the review, Dr. Roy Vogel, DC, explains, "personalized care and attention to every detail are the hallmarks of our treatment process. Each patient is a unique person, and he or she needs an approach considering their individuality. We offer customized solutions for your specific needs and always strive to provide safe, effective, and empowering treatments."

Arrowhead Clinic is the best place to diagnose and treat car accident injuries in Decatur. Its team of chiropractors and medical professionals use personalized and integrated therapies to treat injuries caused by auto accidents.

Arrowhead Clinic's Chiropractors take upon the responsibility to ensure every patient gets the best treatment. Adequate attention is given to customizing treatment to optimize results and ensure a patient makes a full recovery. They do not hesitate to address emotional and psychological issues interfering in the recovery.

Janza Orr, who came to the clinic crying in pain following an accident, wrote how the clinic helped them get a pleasant and memorable experience, "I came in a crying mess and so much pain. The lady at the front desk was so understanding and the doctor helped me through the process with ease. Everything was so simple and that is exactly what I needed through this difficult time dealing with a car hitting me while I was parking. They treat you like a friend and not just a patient."

Another review by Imani Davis highlights how chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur helped their kids recover from physical and emotional injuries caused by a car accident. The staff took ample care to help their kids feel comfortable and this allowed them to quickly adjust to treatment. To ensure safety from COVID-19, the clinic enforces social distance and takes steps to avoid being crowded.

Arrowhead Clinic uses a variety of methods, including state-of-the-art diagnostics, 3-D x-ray, and muscle testing, to detect hidden soft tissue injuries caused in a car accident. The therapy uses a variety of non-surgical and cost-effective methods to maximize your performance and help you attain optimal health. Set up a free consultation with Arrowhead Clinic at (770) 961-7246.

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About Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Decatur :

Arrowhead Clinic has been providing Decatur residents expert chiropractic service for over 40 years, consistently reducing pain and helping to restore health and overall quality of life for their patients.

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Dr. Roy Vogel

2375 Wesley Chapel Rd # 13, Decatur, GA 30035

(770) 961-7246

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