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Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, Ga Explains What Not to Do After A Car Accident

February 19, 2021
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Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, Georgia, has recently shared a blog post for victims of car accidents explaining what not to do after a car accident. You can read more about it here: Dr. Roy Vogel, the top car accident chiropractor in Decatur, suggests stopping at the accident and checking for any visible injuries. “Driving off without stopping after an accident can be considered a felony.”

Dr. Vogel advises reporting the car accident in Decatur to the police and notifying the insurance company about the incident. The insurance company tries to determine the fault in the accident and how it may affect the victim’s rates. The car accident chiropractor in Decatur cautions against admitting guilt, advising leaving everything to the personal injury lawyer to speak with the insurance company, so the victim doesn't “accidentally say something incriminating.”

In a previous press release, the Car Accident Chiropractor Identifies Most Dangerous Roads in Decatur, Ga. Dr. Vogel stresses the need for being aware of the “statute of limitations that come with an accident claim in Georgia,” advising not to wait too long for compensation. Waiting too long to seek a personal injury claim after an accident is a mistake car accident victims should avoid.

It's important to call the police after an accident so that they can document the exact circumstances surrounding the car accident. The police can collect vital pieces of information, which can come in handy in order to win a personal injury claim.

The best car accident chiropractor in Decatur, GA emphasizes the importance of exchanging information with everyone involved in the accident. This includes contact and insurance information, address, telephone, birth date, driver’s license, full name, email, and home address. Immediate medical attention is important after a car accident in Decatur. “Even if you feel fine following the accident, you should still schedule an appointment with a car accident chiropractor” to perform a physical exam for the diagnosis of injuries and create a customized treatment plan.

Dr. Vogel also suggests speaking with eyewitnesses to collect their contact information. Dr. Vogel and Arrowhead Clinic have earned a reputation as one of the best Decatur car accident clinics for outstanding care of patients injured in auto accidents. Arrowhead Clinic in Decatur, Ga, specializes in the treatment of car accident victims to help them return to a normal life. They are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of accident injuries.

Arrowhead Clinic offers free consultations to help accident victims make a full physical and financial recovery.

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