Ultimate Flags Inc Donates Flags to Veterans

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On Veterans Day 2020, Ultimate Flags Inc, a Florida flag and banner maker honored several former service members. The company, represented by Greg and Jonica Hough, donated American flags and military flags.

It was another veteran, Greg Maynard, who made it possible for the veterans to be honored. Mr. Maynard has been helping fellow veterans by helping them obtain VA benefits and building ramps for disabled vets, among other things.

It was Maynard who set up the meeting between the veterans and the Houghs. The meeting was held on the morning of Veteran’s day over breakfast at Glady’s, a local restaurant. As was reported in South Central Florida Life, Mrs. Hough stated, “We wanted to honor vets because both of my parents served in the military. They were in the Air Force.” She continued, “We went to school with Greg and truly appreciate everything we see him doing for veterans.”

Mr. Maynard posts on Facebook about helping veterans with the many needs they have. He is known as a person who cares about veterans and helps them improve the quality of life.

Added Jonica, “We wanted to be a part of it in some way. We wanted to show appreciation for all their hard work and sacrifice. I love patriotism and anything to do with honoring veterans. I think it’s the least you can do after what they’ve done for us and our freedom. I’d like to paint the country red, white and blue.”

Added Glenn, “It’s Veterans past and present who have risked and sacrificed life and limb who make our liberty possible. This is a simple gesture to let them know, at least in part, how much they are appreciated on this day and every day.”

The company went on to say that it will be looking to do more for veterans. Ultimate Flags is an American-owned company. The company exists because brave men and women have been willing to serve to give people like the Houghs the freedom opportunity to build and own businesses.

Continued Mr. Hough, “We would have like to have done more. We gave away ten flags but would have loved to give away many more. However, some veterans who were planning to join us for breakfast could not make it.” He finished, “We will be looking to do many more things for our veterans as we go into 2021 and beyond.”

Ultimate Flags Inc, through its online and physical stores, has been around since 1997 and will be around for many more years to come. The company makes flags of all kinds, including the flags of all the branches of the military, like the ones that were given away on Veterans Day.

For more information about Ultimate Flags Inc, you can simply search for the company on Google. Visitors will find its social media profiles, along with its Google My Business listing, online store and much more. Those interested can also speak to Jonica or Glenn by calling (863) 467-0584 their local Okeechobee Florida number. Don't forget +1 if for those outside the United States.

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