Ultimate Flags Announces Support for Patriotic Displays

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Continuing its proud tradition of patriotism and love of country,, the flagship website of Ultimate Flags Inc announced today its continued support of patriotic displays through flags, banners, or any other type of display that allows people to show their love of the United States of America.

Said company spokesperson J. Hough, “Without going into any type of divisive discussion, I think we can all agree that we’re all free to display, show and demonstrate our love for our country. Seeing the Stars and Stripes unfurled and blowing in the wind evokes great feelings and emotions in many people. We need more of that!”

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The owners of Ultimate Flags Inc, the parent company of the web store, are proud descendants of Paul Revere: Silversmith, industrialist, engraver, and a great American Patriot who was willing to give his life as a Massachusetts militia officer during the American Civil War.

The Ultimate Flags company carries on the proud tradition of patriotism displayed by its ancestor. In order to give others the opportunity to display their patriotism, the company makes all kinds of patriotic flags available to the public.

From USA Flags, to Rebel and Confederate Flags to Military and Trump Flags, the company will custom make any type of flag requested by the client.

Added J. Hough, “We’re in the business of helping our clients display their patriotism in any way they see fit. It is not for us to decide what is patriotic or what is not. Our job and main concern is to give people the opportunity to display their patriotism.” Added Hough, “You request. We make it. It is that simple. We are flag and banner makers. We cannot sit in judgment of others.”

To learn more about Ultimate Flags, those interested can visit the verified Google My Business listing, the web store and the blogs.

For inquiries, please write to the company, call them or reach out to them online through any of their contact points. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

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About Ultimate Flags :

Ultimate Flags: Where EVERY flag tells a story. For Patriots, Pride & Freedom. We love helping people celebrate virtues, history, and ideas they believe in.

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John Hough

21612 N Co Rd 349
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