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Revival‌ ‌Products‌ ‌Inc.‌ ‌Recommends‌ ‌Soy‌ ‌Protein‌ ‌Shakes‌ ‌For‌ ‌Weight‌ ‌Loss‌

November 23, 2020
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Revival Products, Inc., a Kernersville, NC based supplier of doctor-formulated soy protein products, would like to recommend soy protein shakes for weight loss purposes. Research shows that soy protein can play a major role in helping one achieve their weight loss goals. As people grow older, they begin to exercise less and less, which makes staying in shape a lot more difficult. By combining Revival’s soy protein shakes with a good diet and exercise, one can maintain a healthy, trim figure.

“Soy protein is an excellent source of high-quality protein (compared to some other protein sources) that can help you build lean muscle mass,” says Revival. “Plus, soy protein provides a good source of energy from calories and branched-chain amino acids. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, soy protein makes an excellent ‘partner’ in a successful diet plan. Recent medical studies show protein helps you feel less hungry — and helps you feel fuller longer. This helps reduce the urge to snack between meals and late at night, two major causes of weight gain and dietary failures.”

Soy protein is the only known plant protein that is a complete protein, which means it contains all nine essential amino acids in the right balance. This makes soy the only plant protein that can meet all of the body’s needs with the added advantage of having less fat and fewer calories than many meats. Revival uses genetically-pure soybeans in all their products, ensuring that consumers do not have to worry about any genetic modifications.

Revival soy protein is easy to use and can be consumed either as a naturally concentrated Revival protein bar or as soy shakes (containing 20 grams of protein) once or twice daily with a multivitamin. Revival products can be used as a part of any diet plan, and it is possible to lose one to two pounds a week provided one follows a good diet and exercise plan in addition to their soy shakes and protein bars. Other benefits include low-glycemic index, reduced hunger cravings and increased energy, no rapid rise in blood sugar levels, slow digestion and absorption as well as better skin, hair and nails.

Many are taken in by promises of rapid weight loss, but this is impossible without a sensible diet and regular exercise. Prescription medicine cannot help one keep the weight off unless they eat healthy and exercise. Walking for 20 minutes a few times a week, eating large amounts of protein and sticking to complex carbs and whole grains to avoid rapid increases in blood sugar can help one both lose weight and keep it off.

A number of people have left great reviews of Revival’s products. One customer, Linda, was very happy with how Revival soy made her feel and left a review that states, “Revival Soy has made me feel years younger! I started with hot flashes last November and many mood swings. After using Revival Soy for three weeks, they have totally gone away. I am not exaggerating, I have not had a single hot flash. I used to go outside in the dead of winter without a coat just to cool down! My family was suffering because the house was too cold for them. I have shared your information with all I come in contact with who have similar problems. Thanks so much.”

Revival also has soy products for hot flashes. Another customer had this to say about her experience with Revival products: “I asked my doctor about soy products for hot flashes, and he said it would no doubt help and encouraged me to try it. I received my trial package, and tried it that day, and have not had a single hot flash or night sweat since. I am very impressed and will tell all my friends and family members who also have similar problems. I am also a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and must be aware of calories, sugar and fat, so after your wonderful trial package of all your varieties of shakes and bars, I will order the products you offer with sucralose to help with the amount of points that I must take into consideration on my Food Program. Thank you for Revival Soy!”

Find out more on the soy supplier’s website. Customers may contact Suzanne Tabor of Revival Products, Inc. as well if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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