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Cestari Introduces Their Versatile and Handy 10 Ounce Salad Dressing Shaker

November 02, 2020
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Cestari has just introduced its latest innovative kitchen product. It’s called their Premium Borosilicate Glass Salad Dressing Shaker. It’s a sturdy 10-ounce glass bottle that can hold someone’s preferred store-bought or homemade dressing and also conveniently help mix the contents before it's applied over the top of a fresh-made salad. This new product is so well constructed, it does not have to be emptied after each use as the container can also be used as a safe and airtight salad dressing storage container. The company is already seeing the popularity of this product start to take off.

Susan MacDowell, a spokesperson for Cestari, says, “There is nothing more frustrating than having a delicious bowl or plate of salad in front of you and then having to fight to get the salad dressing to come out of its bottle or that bottle instantly dumps way too much unmixed dressing on your salad. Well, thanks to our latest product that acts as a leak-proof salad dressing blender and dispenser, you will no longer have to worry about these things. Our new and convenient Salad Dressing Shaker can be used for applying sauces, marinades, and more. If you purchase this product it will instantly become the most versatile and healthy 10 oz bottle that’s added to any dinner, lunch, or barbeque setting.”

The company spokesperson says that this is a do-it-all type of salad shaker. She stated that’s because it can be used to do everything from making to mixing, serving, and storing a person’s favorite salad dressing. Very few salad dressing makers can claim this sort of versatility. The company used a lot of input from their employees and their own salad dressing making and dispensing experiences to come up with the innovative design of this new Cestari kitchen product.

MacDowell mentioned that another part of this product’s appeal is the fact that it’s made out of premium borosilicate glass, unlike most salad shakers that are made out of more traditional soda-lime glass. This makes it stronger and more shock-resistant so there is less chance of breaking it if it’s dropped. She added that borosilicate glass is also very adaptive to temperature changes. That means the bottle when stored in a cold refrigerator can be immediately placed in a microwave for warming without any ill-effect. The company spokesperson informed that this is why this type of glass is what’s most often used in laboratories, wineries, and upscale restaurants.

According to the company spokesperson, unlike some types of salad dispensers, this one can be used for making, mixing, serving, and storing creamier types of salad dressings too. There is even a recipe that comes in its package for making what she calls a very delicious Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. Other included salad dressing recipes that come with this product include one’s for making Italian and Dijon French Vinaigrette dressings. MacDowell says that its design even includes ounce and milliliter measurements on its face to add to its convenience when used to make salad dressings. She added that its 10 oz size is perfect for making enough salad dressing to serve between 2 to 4 people. People can also use it to make healthier salad dressing options because they can completely control the ingredients that go into any dressing that is made with it. The company spokesperson mentioned that another use for this product includes mixing flour with drippings for gravy as the super-heated drippings will not damage it because of the premium glass that it’s made out of.

MacDowell also says that this product is 100% dishwasher safe and is a completely BPA and phthalate free salad dressing shaker. It also is covered by the company’s usual no questions asked, lifetime replacement guarantee. For those that want more information on what some already feel is the best salad dressing shaker available in the online kitchen products marketplace, MacDowell says they can see the product on both their website and under its listing.

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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