Apex Pest Control Offers Rat Control Services in South Yorkshire, UK

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Apex Pest Control, a company based in Sheffield, UK, has announced that they are offering their rat control services in South Yorkshire. While not all UK species of rodents are regarded as pests, rats and mice can negatively affect homes and businesses. Aside from causing damage to property, rats and mice can carry disease and are therefore health risks for people living in the house or building. Apex Pest Control will customize their service based on the home, garden, and property, and they will ensure that their methods are not just effective but also safe for kids and pets.

Apex Pest Control was founded by Tony Johnson in 2016 when he decided to return to his roots in Sheffield. He says, “We are a family run business providing affordable quality pest control services across Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham and North Derbyshire. Our aim as a pest control business is to deliver exactly what we state we will do. If we say we will be at your property at a particular time we will be there at that time. We will carry out the work that we have promised to carry out.”

He adds, “We have recently made a commitment to serve the different pest control needs of the whole of South Yorkshire. Rest assured that we will continue to serve all customers, whether residential, commercial or agricultural, to the best of our ability.”

For their rat control services, they follow a simple step-by-step procedure: survey, treatment, and follow up and prevention. First of all, they will conduct an inspection of the house or building and immediate vicinity for any signs of rat or mice, in order to evaluate the situation and determine the extent of the infestation. Next, they will seal up any holes, gaps or places where rodents can gain access to the property, such as water and drain pipes. Then they will perform baiting using a range of pesticides for rats and mice, because the conventional rat traps are no longer effective against a family of rats. And finally, they will do some follow up visits. Two follow up visits are usually required for every job in order to get rid of the dead rodents and monitor the situation to ensure that no rats or mice are returning.

They use second generation rodenticide for proper control of the pest, choosing the right formulation for each particular job. The first follow up visit will be done between five to seven days after the treatment. The company’s local pest technicians will check the baits and get rid of any dead rats or mice. They will use the second follow up visit to gather information, such as the quantity of rats that infest the area, and the most visited areas. They will also look for any new hiding place that they believe will also become a problem in the future.

Whenever necessary, they will conduct additional follow up visits to ensure that all of the rats and mice have been exterminated. They offer a 30-day guarantee from the time of the last visit, which means that they will re-treat for free if there are any further sightings.

Meanwhile, their business and commercial contracts are available seven days a week with a response assured within 24 hours or the same day. Aside from rats and mice, they can deal with other pests, including squirrels, moles, birds, wasps, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, and more.

Once a commercial pest control contract has been signed, they will put bait stations and monitoring traps in various locations in the business premises. These will remain in place between seven to 14 days before they conduct their first visit. A comprehensive report will be provided after their first visit and all further visits. During the period of the contract, they will conduct emergency visits if there are any problems in between the scheduled visits.

People looking for rodent control services in South Yorkshire may want to visit the Apex Pest Control website, or contact them through the phone or via email.

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About Apex Pest Control :

We deal with pest for domestic homeowners and commercial business. As a professional pest control service, we deal with local health and environment pests. With the increase of mice, wasp and rats we take care to remove these nuisance pests quickly.

Contact Apex Pest Control:

Tony Johnson

54 Baxter Dr, Sheffield, S6 1GH


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