Apex Pest Control Releases Blog Post on Pest Control for Rats

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Apex Pest Control, based in Sheffield, UK, has announced that they have recently released a blog post on pest control for rats. The article explains that while do-it-yourself (DIY) products for pest control may be a cost-effective way to deal with rat problems in low-risk areas, professional rat control may be needed for high-risk areas where there is repeated infestation. Apex Pest Control may help in minimising rodent activity by applying a range of techniques and their technical experience and knowledge in using pro-grade products efficiently while minimising the impact on non-target species and the environment.

There are a number of indications that a home or building has a rat problem. While rats are not commonly seen during the day because they are nocturnal animals, one way to detect them is the presence of rat droppings that are dark brown in colour and approximately the size of a rice grain. Since, they tend to chew and gnaw on various objects, bite marks on anything from wood to concrete can also indicate their presence. Another indicator would be noises heard during the night in the walls, floorboards, or the roof space. There may also be footprints on the floor, which can be made easier to detect by sprinkling some flour and then checking the following day. Rats may also leave smear marks because of their oily fur.

Rat control in business establishments is essential because rats are likely to cause a number problems, including various health risks. The cost of the damage to the business’ reputation may even be higher. They can scare away customers and make people lose their trust on the business. They can also cause property damage because of their chewing and gnawing on walls, cables, and wooden structures. There is also the legal aspect because food, agricultural and warehouse premises are required to have acceptable food hygiene practices that include appropriate pest control to avoid contamination.

One of the ways to prevent rat infestation is rat proofing the house or building. One way to do that is to block all possible entry points. It is a good idea to inspect the walls and foundation to see if there are any holes or gaps where rodents can gain entry. These can be blocked or covered with wire mesh or similar materials. A professional service may also provide rat-proofing for indoor and outdoor areas.

Apex Pest Control can offer domestic, commercial, and agricultural and forestry pest control services in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Leeds, and North Derbyshire areas. They are not a 24-hour emergency service but they work seven days a week, including bank holidays, except for Christmas.

They can also offer commercial pest control, which is a service they have been providing for more than 30 years. They can provide a complete pest control service from rodents and insects, bird control and building proofing. They will provide a free site visit, which will allow them to make a report and present a quotation. They will conduct regular visits to control and prevent pests. With the service that they provide, customers should never have a pest problem again, but in the event that it happens, the technicians from Apex Pest Control will be ready to deal with it before it gets out of control.

Apex Pest Control has a lot of experience in providing their services to commercial businesses, including factories, food production and storage areas, local authorities, farms, shops, schools, restaurants, and more. All of their commercial contracts begin with them conducting a survey of the site to determine any problems and make some risk assessments. Bait stations will be placed inside and outside, and they will make several visits to the site over the 12-month period of the contract.

Those who are interested in learning more about pest control for rats may want to check the Apex Pest Control website at, or call them on the phone or contact them via email.

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