Online Retailer Shows Their Customer Appreciation by Offering a Microwave Vegetable Steamer Promo Code

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Cestari, a popular online kitchen products retailer, has been extremely pleased with how consumers have responded to one of their newest products their Microwave Vegetable Steamer. To express their appreciation of how well this product has been received, they are now offering a Microwave Vegetable Steamer promo code. This will help make this already affordable handy kitchen tool even easier for people to purchase.

Susan MacDowell, a spokesperson for Cestari, says, “We are absolutely thrilled with how well the newest version of our Microwave Vegetable Steamer has been selling. The high volume of sales that we have been experiencing with this product has shown us that all the extra effort that we put into its design has really paid off. As a company that likes to give something back to our customers from time to time, we are now offering a promo code on this product for a limited time. This is a great way for new customers to inexpensively be able to try this product out and it also offers a little bonus to those who already own the Microwave Vegetable Steamer and have been wanting to buy a second one.”

The company spokesperson added that this Microwave Vegetable Steamer promo code can be used when a customer purchases their product on It will enable them to receive a complimentary fruit and vegetable Scrubber when they purchase 1 or more Microwave Vegetable Steamers. She stated that the promo code ‘SCRUBBERFREE’ should automatically be applied when a customer adds both the Microwave Vegetable Steamer and the Fruit Scrubber to their shopping cart using the convenient link provided on the page that describes their Microwave Vegetable Steamer product.

MacDowell also pointed out the reasons why this newest vegetable steamer of theirs has gained so much popularity. She talked about the qualities that it has such as the fact that it’s made from 100% BPA-free silicone and also made to tough European food cooking standards. Standards that are even more extreme than those mandated by the FDA. She says that it's also easy to store because it can be rolled up and is fully collapsible. It’s bright green color also makes it easy to find when stored in cupboards and drawers. The company spokesperson added that the Microwave vegetable steamer remarkably steams vegetables perfectly in under three minutes. It’s also a versatile cooking product that can be used to make omelets, cook meats, and even bake bread. She said this makes it the perfect kitchen aid for those mothers and fathers that don’t have much time to cook but still want their kids to eat healthy meals.

The company spokesperson also stated that potential customers should not take their word about what a quality product this is but instead check out the many favorable Microwave Vegetable Steamer Reviews that have been left on it. Lori Judd states in her 5-star review, “Veggies come out perfect in this handy steamer. At this point, I have only used this product to steam vegetables, but it does its job to a T. Broccoli comes out tender and green with this handy steamer. I used to use water in a plastic bag, but that usually got messy when the bag popped its seam. No more! This product is no-muss, no-fuss. Add a little lemon juice and garlic to the water in the bottom for some added flavor to your veggies. I can't wait to try something else in this little gem.” Kim T. writes, “So many ways to cook with the Easy Pod! Light, functional, easy to store, and a breeze to clean up. What else can you say about your favorite new kitchen tool? I love asparagus and now it's so easy to steam in the micro. Just add your favorite seasonings and three minutes later - boom. The clasp on the top secures everything inside and takes no effort - no more fumbling with tin foil or Tupperware lids. Also, the bottom is flat so it won't roll around and spill. I haven't had a chance to bake yet but look forward to it. Recommend!”

Microwave Vegetable SteamerCestari’s popular vegetable steaming product has also gotten much-deserved attention in other press releases. Such is the case with one press release that talks about how many purchasers of this product feel it’s the best microwave vegetable steamer they have ever used.

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