The Latest Internet Venture for Mark Lutchman Generates a Whopping 840k Page Views in the First Month

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Mark Lutchman, the prolific social media activist, recently launched a new website with the help of MasterMindSEO owner Stephen Twomey. Lutchman is known in many circles as a social media savant and proof of this is that his new website was able to generate over 840k page views in the first month all from social media. What’s even more startling is that Lutchman was able to accomplish this impressive feat without spending a dime on paid advertisements. This new website now has over 68,000 followers on Twitter and some 20,000 plus Facebook users have noted themselves as being ‘fans’ of Lutchman’s latest internet venture.

Lutchman says, “I never thought that after working hard making a name for myself on social media that one day I would have all of that stripped away only to have to pretty much start all over again. Those who decided to ban my social media accounts and take away my fan pages overlooked a few key things. One is that I am passionate about the messages that I like to bring to people and I have learned a few things along the way as far as how to connect with my target audience in a hurry. There is no better proof of that than the 800 thousand plus hits that my new website ‘The Lutchman Report’ generated in its very first month. I was able to do this by not only reconnecting with those who have previously followed me on my banned social media accounts but also by using the system I have perfected that allows me to build a new social media following in a very short amount of time.”

Mark Lutchman

According to Lutchman, the slogan for the new website is ‘Bringing the news that matters to you. Unapologetically American.’ It perfectly fits his reputation as being someone whose message resonates with many but also rubs a few the wrong way. Hence the reason that his social media accounts were shut down. The new website’s homepage starts with what it calls ‘trendy’ news that mostly centers around politics. This is not surprising considering that Lutchman originally made a name for himself as a conservative influencer on his social media sites. It can also be said after taking a look at the new website, that Mark Lutchman is not afraid to show both sides of a story even if it eventually ends up slanting back towards his conservative views. Other topics that the new website follows include human rights, technology, lifestyle, and Lutchman has even thrown in some sports topics just for good measure. There are also links embedded in the new website that he states focus on such topics as BLM, democrats, President Trump, and the latest happenings with celebrities around the world.

In addition to the newly launched ‘The Lutchman Report’, Lutchman is also quickly reestablishing himself with new opinion videos on YouTube and continuing with his efforts to help others go viral on social media with topics that are close to their hearts. He is a master when it comes to identifying what are the current driving pulses on social media and teaching people how to network with others which he acknowledges has been a huge part of his success. His social media consulting work is largely based on teaching others about how to connect with those that share their goals & opinions and getting them to jump on board in hopes of creating something much bigger. Lutchman often states, “Knowing the audience and what they care about is paramount in 'going viral'." Part of Lutchman’s appeal that he has with his audience is his special ability to create videos that are simple but very compelling. There are several examples of this on ‘The Lutchman Report’s’ Facebook page. This includes doing videos in which he gives a running commentary on the side as another video segment plays out and his well-orchestrated opinion pieces. Lutchman claims that he will continue to support causes that are dear to him with ‘The Lutchman Report’ and also offer his services to those that are looking for a way to go viral with their own personal interest topics.

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Mark Lutchman is an American patriot and God fearing man. He is an black conservative news commentator and news agency.

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