Steadfast Tree Care Suggests 3 Tree Services Aylett Virginia Homeowners Should Consider This Fall

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Steadfast Tree Care has posted a new blog that points out 3 essential tree-related activities that should be at the top of every homeowner in Aylett’s Fall tree to-do list. This Virginia-based tree care specialist has compiled this list through the knowledge that they have gained in their many years in the business. They know that if these essential tree-related activities are undertaken and done properly in the Fall, it will make a positive impact on the tree health in a person’s landscape throughout the upcoming year. This newly posted blog can be seen here in its entirety at Your Tree Care Checklist This Fall In Aylett.

The company owner, Phillip Wood, stated, “Some people in Aylett are under the impression that the Fall season is not an important tree care time because the mostly dormant winter tree growth season is fast approaching. Rest assured that this is hardly the case. It’s actually a very important time of year as far as the lasting impact that it has on yearly tree health in a person’s landscape. That’s why we highly recommend that property owners consider undertaking such essential Fall tree care activities such as fertilizing, pruning, and new tree planting.”

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In the new blog, the first recommended Fall tree service that was mentioned is fertilization. The blog stated that trees, just like humans, need the means to get the essential nutrients into them that they may not be getting from the environment around them. It stated that by trees on a property having the proper nutrients in them, it will help them better endure such stressful times for trees as when the available moisture for them gets low. The newly posted article also stated that major root growth takes place for trees in the Fall and fertilization also greatly aids in this process.

Next, the blog mentioned tree pruning as an important Fall tree step. Tree pruning helps promote proper tree shaping, eliminate dead and overgrown branches, and help beneficial air, sunlight, and water penetrate deeper into a tree. These all contribute greatly to overall tree health in any landscape. It was also mentioned in the blog that another benefit of Fall tree pruning is that as the leaves come off a tree it is much easier to see its structure and to come up with a proper tree pruning plan.

The blog then went on to discuss new tree planting. It specifically mentioned that Fall is the very best time of year to plant new trees. This once again has to do with it being a time of year that is conducive to major root growth. As the roots of trees planted in the fall grow, it helps them to be better prepared to absorb the nutrients necessary to promote tree top growth when the spring rains and abundant sunshine appear.

The company owner says that they are always looking for ways to help the home and business owners in the Aylett, Virginia area keep their trees as healthy as possible. Evidence of that can be seen here in this press release at It talks about another blog on tree trimming that Steadfast Tree Care posted on their website.

Wood went on to add that those who are short on time or unsure how to go about doing critical Fall tree care steps or other essential tree services can always look to them for help. He says that each of their crews is either led by him or other veteran tree care specialists. That means they are very familiar when it comes to the best practices of undertaking essential Fall tree care tasks such as pruning, fertilizing, and new tree planting. Even more importantly, Wood says that they undertake all of their tree care activities while keeping the safety of individuals and property at the forefront at all times. It was also mentioned that their crews have access to lift trucks, chainsaws on poles, and other specialty equipment that is often necessary to properly do tree care-related activities.

For those who would like more information about the company’s Fall tree pruning recomendations, they can visit their tree trimming services page on the Steadfast Tree Care website.

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