Steadfast Tree Care Explains Why Tree Trimming Is Vital in King William County

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Steadfast Tree Care is pleased to announce that it has just released an online explanation of why tree trimming is vital for residents of King William County. The article is sure to be of interest for residents with trees in that area.

Most people think that trees do not need any special attention. After all, they are trees and grow in the wild and they do so without any special attention. Trees growing in a property owner’s yard, however, have very different growing conditions than those trees found in a forest. It is important for homeowners to understand the life cycle of a tree so that they can understand what it is that their trees need; not only to survive, but to thrive.

Like every living thing on the planet, trees have a life cycle which starts with a seed, moves on to a sprout as it begins to grow, then to a sapling, a juvenile, reaching maturity as an adult, then to elderly, and finally death. For a tree's lifecycle to successfully run full circle the tree needs to thrive. For this to happen the tree will need adequate space, water, nutrients, and sunshine. Without those the tree will suffer and quite possibly die.

There is more to successfully maintaining a tree however, than a tree simply having the basics. Simply letting a tree grow unattended can often result not only in an unshapely tree but can even create unforeseen problems. Falling branches, branches growing over power or telephone lines, or over the roof can all lead to potentially expensive issues and even serious ones. An unmaintained tree could even fall and that is always potentially very dangerous.

As the tree trimming company points out in the article, tree pruning is a very necessary part of successfully growing and maintaining healthy trees.

Tree Trimming Service King William VA - Steadfast Tree Care

Phillip Wood, a spokesperson for Steadfast Tree Care, said, "Tree trimming is a very effective means of maintaining a tree's health and hence its life. A healthy tree means fewer falling branches and of course, if the tree is healthy and has been properly trimmed and maintained, it is much less likely to fall unexpectedly. Our experts are available to inspect a homeowner’s trees and advise on whether there is a need for trimming. As the saying goes, ‘A stitch in time saves nine,’ and so it is with trees. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent a lot of commonly encountered problems."

Mr. Wood went on to explain that trees are trimmed primarily for safety, then for improving their health, and finally for aesthetic purposes. Safely removing branches that could fall and cause damage to property or harm to people is obviously common sense, but it is something that many property owners do not give any thought to.

Regular inspection by an experienced tree maintenance company such as Steadfast and appropriate trimming, which can be done at any time of the year, can help minimize such potential risks. Cutting off dead or diseased branches from a tree not only make it safer but helps promote the health of the tree itself.

Trees can become misshapen for a variety of reasons and trimming will help restore a tree’s natural aesthetics which will mean that an important part of the yard is more attractive to look at. An attractive tree is obviously pleasing to the eye, but it is also a good selling point should the property ever be put on the market.

Based in Virginia, Steadfast Tree Care, offers a full range of tree trimming services and an explanation of its services can be found on the company’s website. Steadfast was also recently featured in Irrigation & Green Industry magazine where the company's excavating and land clearing services were highlighted. Details of how to contact the company and request an inspection or an estimate for trimming can be found there as well as on the company’s website.

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